Syrup althea, instructions for use


Althaeus is a perennial medicinal herb. For medicinal purposes, it finds its application as a plant containing mucus. The most valuable parts of it are the root and rhizome. They are used in medicine for more than one hundred years. The modern pharmacological industry produces various preparations from the althea, which are used both as internal and as external means.

These drugs are able to produce an envelopingaction on the lesions of mucous membranes, stay on them for a long time and directly participate in processes that reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Warns the drug and further irritation. The action of these drugs extinguishes the inflammatory process and accelerates the restoration of tissues. The mucus contained in the preparations of the althaea can slow the absorption of various drugs into the body, which increases the time of their exposure and the curative effect. The softening properties of plants are used in dietary nutrition. Mucus can calm a tormenting cough and stomach pain, and also contribute to the separation of sputum.

The most widely known is the althaea syrup,instruction on the use of which introduces us to this drug. The composition of this remedy includes a dry extract of the alteic root, in the amount of two grams. To improve the taste, ninety-eight grams of sugar syrup was added. Externally, this drug is a thick liquid, which has a yellowish-brown color and a specific odor.

Syrup althea, instructions for usedescribes its basic pharmacological properties, finds its application as a preparation with an expectorant, softening and anti-inflammatory action. The main active substances that make up the medicinal raw materials are:

- Pectin, starch, mucus - promote antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and softening effect;

-betaine - normalizes the exchange of lipids in the liver;

Asparagine - has a cardioprotective property;

- minerals and vitamins - normalize metabolism in the body;

-photosterol - reduces the likelihood of atherosclerosis.

Syrup althea, instructions for usedescribes its scope, it is recommended to get rid of respiratory diseases accompanied by hard-to-separate sputum. Such ailments include bronchitis, tracheitis and tracheobronchitis. In addition, the healing properties of the components that make up the root of the plant help to cure flu and cold, from whooping cough and cough, and also find their use in the treatment of the throat.

Syrup althea, instructions for usewarns of possible undesirable effects, can cause different kinds of allergic reactions. Care should be taken when using this medication for patients with diabetes. In the presence of individual susceptibility to the components of the syrup, its use should be discarded. An overdose of the drug causes vomiting and nausea, to get rid of which it is necessary to perform the procedure of gastric lavage and stop taking the medication. Together with other drugs that have antitussive effect with codeine, the syrup is not prescribed, since its use in this case will prevent the coughing of separated sputum.

Syrup of althea for children is recommended for coughs,bronchitis, laryngitis and tracheitis. This drug is very popular in pediatrics, thanks to its taste. Treatment for them is quite effective, in connection with the enveloping and mild effect on the inflammatory foci.

Althea syrup during pregnancy is recommended asa preparation from vegetable raw materials. Instructions for using the remedy indicate that there is no data on his taking the medicine during the waiting period of the baby. Recommendations for the use of syrup should be given by a specialist.

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