The drug "Maxigan". Instructions for use


The medicine "Maxigan", the price of which is within the limits ofhundred rubles, has antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect. The active substances are fenpivirinium bromide, sodium metamizole, pithophenone hydrochloride.


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Medication "Maxigan" instructions for userecommends a moderate and severe low pain syndrome, caused by spasms in the smooth muscles of internal organs. In particular, the drug is prescribed for algodismenorrhea, colic in the intestine, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, with dyskinesia in the biliary tract. As a symptomatic short-term treatment, the remedy is prescribed for sciatica, neuralgia, arthralgia, myalgia. In complex therapy, the Maxigan medication is recommended for use in postoperative periods and after diagnostic manipulation. You can use the drug in infectious inflammatory pathologies, colds to reduce the fever.


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Means of "Maksigag" instructions for use are notrecommends with intestinal obstruction, hypersensitivity to tribune, butadione (derivatives of pyrazolone), components of the drug. No remedy is prescribed for angina pectoris (stable or unstable), during lactation, with depressed bone marrow hematopoiesis, heart failure of a chronic type in the decompensation stage. Contraindications include renal or hepatic dysfunction of pronounced course, tachyarrhythmia. A solution of d / injections is not given to patients under three months of age or weighing less than five kilograms, tablets are not recommended for children under five years of age. The drug "Maxigan" instruction for use does not recommend pregnant women, patients with prostate hyperplasia, granulocytopenia, zakratougolnoy glaucoma, acute "intermittent" porphyria. The drug is contraindicated in case of collapse, megacolon.

The drug "Maxigan". Instructions for use. Adverse Reactions

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As practice shows, when receivingtherapeutic doses, the occurrence of adverse effects is unlikely. In some cases, allergic reactions may occur. In particular, the appearance of Quincke edema, anaphylactic shock, rash, itching, urticaria is likely. On the basis of therapy with "Maxigan" (reviews of experts confirm this) there are pain, discomfort, burning in epigastrium, dizziness, dry mouth. Tachycardia, lowering of pressure, cyanosis, and leukopenia are observed in patients. With prolonged admission, there is stomatitis, difficulty swallowing, fever (unmotivated). With a predisposition to bronchospasm, the occurrence of seizures is likely. Rarely urinary difficulty is noted, weakening of sweating. With intramuscular injections, infiltrates are possible at the site of administration.

The drug "Maxigan". Instructions for use

Tablets are taken after meals inside. Patients from the age of fifteen are appointed two or three times a day for 1-2 pcs. A day should not drink more than six tablets. Dosages for children are prescribed by a specialist.

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