Principles of the Ducane diet


Pierre Ducane believes that the human bodyhas a certain number of cells that accumulate fat. Those people who have a lot of such cells are subject to obesity. After all, when dividing these substances, the fatty tissue layer grows exponentially. Therefore, it is important to prevent the entry of "building material" into the body for these tissues.

Reducing calories, limiting the amount eaten and mono-diet - a useless reception!

Dukan is of the opinion that consuming low-calorie food, you can not insure against excess kilograms. This method gives a temporary result. Extra pounds will come back sooner or later.

And even more so ineffective, in his opinion,mono-diet. The use of the same type of products for a long time puts the body in a state of deep stress. The restriction of the amount eaten or the intake of food strictly on a certain schedule causes an aggression in a person.

According to the French dietician, there is as much as you want, and then when you want. Just a set of products must be competently matched. Therefore, before you sit on the Ducane diet, it is necessary to remove from the house all that promotes saturation of cells with fat.

Long live bran and physical activity!

Pierre Ducane believes that without bran should notdispense one day. After all, they are hygroscopic, because they absorb moisture in huge volumes. Once in the stomach, the bran swells and gives a feeling of satiety. Moving along the intestines, they clean it from the deposits of undigested food. It is for these reasons, in the diet Dyukan bran is given the dominant position.

When you reach the level of "incombustible kilograms", a French dietician recommends that you walk outdoors more often, squat and do exercises to strengthen the abdominal press.

Stages of the Ducane diet

In the first five days, an active "attack" onexcess weight. Then for several months the weight reduction process continues until the desired result is achieved. After that, success is consolidated. The duration of this stage is individual. 10 days are allocated for fixation of each previously discarded kilogram. Finally, the achieved result is stabilized, i.e. becomes the norm.

Naturally, at each stage it is alloweduse only certain products. So, for example, during an "attack" you can eat only high-protein foods: eggs, cheese, milk, fish, shrimp, mussels. The structure of such food is complex, so the body needs a lot of energy to digest it. They can be obtained only by burning accumulated fat reserves.

At the second stage, Dukan's diet is replenished with vegetables. The exception is corn, beans, potatoes. Proteins need to alternate with carbohydrates, i.e. 3-5 days there is meat, fish and similar products, and then 3-5 days - vegetable dishes.

In the third stage it is allowed to enter into the dietpasta, potatoes, bread, rice, fruit, vegetable oil, honey. An exception is made here for grapes and bananas. At the last stage you can eat almost everything. However, once a week you should remember about "protein days" and always actively use bran, walk more.

The Ducane diet is positively evaluated by many people and nutritionists. Because it gives a real weight loss. True, it requires consistency and patience from the patient.

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