Vitamins "Oriflame": reviews. Wellness - vitamins or pacifiers?


The word Wellness in Englishdenotes well-being, or good health. Every person likes when he has excellent health and he has a wonderful appearance. And for this it is necessary to provide the necessary conditions.

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The Wellness area includes not onlybiological supplements, as is commonly believed, but also rubbing the body, and SPA procedures, and even accessories - shorts, massage accessories. But the "Wellness" designation was especially pronounced, when in the company "Oriflame" there were funds for consumption inside. Products Wellness by Oriflame, reviews about which are mostly positive, are a serious, much of this definition, if you consider it in general. It's all about physical and breathing exercises, cleaning procedures, proper nutrition. What are the reviews of Wellness products for consumers? And what is it - vitamins or pacifiers?

"Wellness" - beauty from the inside: great shape, great health

It is necessary to get acquainted with each of the products in order to understand what the vitamins "Oriflame" are. Reviews Wellness causes a variety, so try to figure out how they affect people.

Beauty is not only in appearancerights. Its foundation is a healthy lifestyle and a great sense of well-being. Products Wellness by Oriflame, reviewed in the article below, was developed in Sweden. The basis for its creation was the latest data from the field of science, which studies the principles of healthy eating. As the founders of the Wellness series assure consumers, each product combines the best natural ingredients that are beneficial and effective for the human body, giving it beauty from within and a wonderful state of health. So, what are they - Wellness products from "Oriflame", the reviews of which are contradictory and, in turn, cause numerous non-stop discussions?

A complex of vitamins for daily use of "Wellness Pack"

Most people consume much morecalories than necessary for the life of the body. At the same time, their diet contains few fresh vegetables and fruits, organic food. And, on the contrary, processed foods (macaroni, bread, desserts and others) that contain calories are "empty" predominate in our menu. Thanks to the company "Oriflame" a complex of vitamins Wellness Pack has been developed, the reviews of which emphasize its high efficiency. It contains all the substances necessary for the full functioning of the human body - fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins.

vitamins wellness reviews
The Wellness Pack is made separately formen and for women. At the heart of the recipe are the characteristics of the organism of each of the sexes. The complex is recommended for daily use. Vitamins Wellness Pack provide prevention of micronutrient deficiency and optimal balance of nutrients.

Complex "Wellness Peck": useful composition

One package of the Wellness Pack contains 21 bags. In each of them the following vitamins are packaged:

  • Capsules "Omega-3" - 2 pieces.
  • "Swedish beauty complex Plus" - 1 pc.
  • "Multivitamins and minerals" (for women or for men) - 1 dragee.

What are these components?

Complex "Omega-3": action on the human body. Customer Reviews

The Omega-3 complex contributes to:

  • normalization of the cardiovascular system;
  • improving the work of the brain;
  • increase the level of moisture and elasticity of the skin, as well as getting rid of irritations, allergies, dermatitis and other such abnormalities;
  • strengthening of the nervous system, vision;
  • prevention of Alzheimer's disease;
  • reducing the risk of joint weakness;
  • inflammation in the body.
    vitamins oriflam reviews wellness

Do consumers draw on these vitaminsOriflame? Reviews Wellness series as a whole is positive. About the complex "Omega-3" people say the following: with an active mode of life, the body is filled with energy, chronic fatigue recedes, the blood vessels become purer and more elastic, the work of the heart and the composition of the plasma improve. Also, with regular use of this product, the skin color is leveled, a natural blush appears.

"Swedish beauty complex Plus": unique components. Customer Reviews

The Swedish beauty complex Plus contains in itsAstaxanthin is a unique antioxidant, which is of natural origin, from the Stockholm archipelago. It is more effective than vitamins C and E about 100 times. Thanks to astaxanthin, human body cells are protected from free radicals, which helps prevent the development of many diseases, even cancerous tumors.

What does the Wellness product cause?"Swedish beauty complex Plus"? Consumers testify that with its regular use, the condition of the skin, hair, nails, the body as a whole improves, immunity strengthens, stamina increases, migraines recede.

Complex "Multivitamins and minerals": beauty for women and men

In the line Wellness by Oriflame complex"Multivitamins and minerals" is selected individually in the quantity of microelements that is necessary for men or women. This drug normalizes the functions of the human body, strengthens the immune system, nails, hair, walls of blood vessels and promotes cell renewal.

wellness by oriflame testimonials

Each of the components that make up the Wellness Pack is also produced by Oriflame individually.

Reviews about the effectiveness of the complex "Multivitamins and minerals"

What causes minerals and multivitaminsWellness reviews from buyers? The company "Oriflame" made sure that this drug replenished the need of the organism of any person in the elements necessary for a full-time life.

multivitamins wellness reviews
Apparently, for this reason, consumers show mostly positive emotions when using these multivitamins and minerals. They state the following opinions about the drug:

1. First of all, it pleases that the complex does not contain synthetic compounds and toxic substances.

2. These vitamins and minerals are not deposited in internal organs in the form of sediment or stones.

3. Bones, nails, hair are strengthened, overall well-being improves.

4. Complex "Multivitamins and minerals" from "Oriflame" can be consumed during pregnancy. It contains iodine, iron, folic acid. The advantage of this complex is that it contains vitamin B9, which is rarely found in other similar preparations.

Vitamins from the company "Oriflame": reviews about the full Wellness Pack

According to buyers' reviews, the Wellness complexPack helps to strengthen nails, hair, relieves rashes on the face and body, improves the cardiovascular system, overall health, increases efficiency. Also, vitamins perfectly restore the female body after pregnancy and lactation. Due to the regular use of the Wellness Pack complex, the shallow wrinkles on the face are smoothed, the skin is tightened, and the vitality rises. In addition, thanks to the drug strengthens the immune system, joints, muscles, improving eyesight and heart function.

Especially it is pleasant to buyers in vitamins Wellness Pack that the daily portion consisting of several preparations, is packed in individual bags. It is very convenient.

Complex "Wellness" from "Oriflame" for children: benefits and feedback from parents

Complex "Multivitamins and minerals" for childrenis issued by the company "Oriflame" in the form of chewing tablets. They have a natural taste of orange and contain 8 minerals and 13 vitamins, which are chosen according to a perfectly balanced formula. The complex supports the health of the child. Vitamins are recommended for children from the age of 4, 1 tablet a day, and from 10 years - 2.

How effective are the children's Wellness vitamins? Parents' reviews are confirmed by the properties of this complex, declared by the company "Oriflame". Due to the regular consumption of these vitamins by children, immunity is strengthened, which helps to prevent colds or to quickly cure them. Each child is captivated by the orange flavor of vitamins and their similarity to chewing gum. Therefore, children use the complex with great pleasure.

wellness reviews

"Nutrikompleks for hair and nails" (Hair & Nail NutriComplex): efficiency, customer reviews

Thanks to a number of vitamins that are picked upaccording to a special formula, full nutrition of hair and nails is provided. The "Hair & Nail" Nutrikomplex from the "Wellness" series from "Oriflame" gives the necessary result in case of its regular use for at least two to three months. As a result, hair loss is prevented, they strengthen, become dense and shiny, and also eliminates brittleness and delamination of the nail plates.

Reviews Wellness-product "Nutrikompleks for hairand nails "causes consumers really positive. Not only the customers themselves, but their hairdressers and manicurists notice significant improvements. Even the most lifeless and weak hair gets the former density, silky and healthy shining appearance. The delamination and brittle nails are stopped.

Negative reviews: Wellness by Oriflame

Despite a large list of positivereviews about vitamins "Wellness" from the company "Oriflame", there are also negative statements in their address. But basically there are only two reasons: individual intolerance of products and high cost of Wellness series. In the first case, still have to abandon the use of such vitamins, but the price is worth considering. After all, as you know, quality goods can not be cheap. Perhaps not everyone knows, but some products of the line "Wellness" are issued a subscription, in which, after buying 3 packages, the fourth is provided by the company "Oriflame" for free. The benefit is obvious - 25% discount and Swedish quality confirmed by certificates and customer reviews.

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Do you need vitamins "Wellness"?

Habits associated with eatingmost people are more conditioned by family traditions and social level than by the idea of ​​healthy eating and longevity. Most often it is the lack of time, and not the care of your own body, leads to the use of semi-finished products. After all, the cheapest food is the least useful, and also very high-calorie. If you have found yourself in this description, or just sometimes "indulge" in semi-finished products and harmful food, we recommend that you pass the Wellness test. The reviews guarantee that by answering a few questions, you can determine the current state of health. After passing the test, personal recommendations are made on how to correct it. Following them, you will bring your state of health in excellent condition. "Wellness" test can be found on the website of the company "Oriflame".

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