Horsetail: application is not limited


Field horsetail is a common plant in ourcountry. Similar to small green Christmas trees, it has very long, up to 6-7 meters, roots that can go to a depth of more than a meter. On the roots of the plant grow small cones-nodules. Stalk horsetail can be of two kinds. Early in the spring, a brown stalk grows, on which spores mature. Later, when the brown stem dies off, a new, green and faceted one appears.

The plant is so rich in silicic acid,that it is collected on its surface in small crystals, making its leaves and stems feel rough. In different areas horsetail is called in different ways: a pine, a fir-tree, a hawk, an earthen, and also has many other names. Ground nut is called because the baked root nodules taste like nuts. Collect Christmas trees in the summer when the sun shines brightly. Then they are ground, dried under canopies, stored in dark paper bags or wooden boxes.

Horsetail field application found in folk medicine, traditional pharmacology, cosmetology.

The plant is used for severe poisoning. Especially good it cleanses the body of lead. Preparations or decoctions of groundnut help with swelling, inflammation of the genitourinary system, they treat bronchitis, tuberculosis, high blood pressure. With the help of a field tree, you can rid the kidneys of stones, normalize the pressure.

However, before proceeding to treatmentsaucer, you need to make sure that infusions or broths will not do harm, because the horsetail of the field contraindication has, though not very extensive. It is forbidden to people suffering from nephrosis, inflammation of the kidneys.

How else can you use horsetail field? Its use in cooking, for example, will help housewives surprise home with delicious, non-traditional dishes.

Pie filling

Young leaves and spikelets mixequally with green onions, parsley, dill, other herbs to taste. Add chopped boiled eggs, salt to taste. For such pies, yeast dough is the most suitable.

Okroshka: The Amateur

Mix approximately equal amounts of cutyoung green herringbone, horsetail, nettle, scalded quinoa, fresh dill, parsley, lettuce leaves. Well put in enamel ware, so that all the ingredients let the green juice. Then to them add green crushed cucumber, radish, boiled eggs. The basis for okroshki can serve kvass, whey, kefir, even just acidified water. Before serving, the okroshka is served with sour cream.

The horsetail field for weight loss is simply irreplaceable. Here is one of the recipes that help to lose excess weight: a quarter of a glass of dry herb saucers pour a glass of boiling water and stand for a couple of half an hour. When the broth cools down, it is removed from the cake, restore the initial volume with boiled water. Drink remedy is recommended per hour of food, about half the glass.

Traditional healers appreciate the horsetail field, the use of which helps to create tinctures, decoctions from very many inflammations and diseases.

If you take a fresh broth, cooked fromequal parts bearberry and peanut, you can get rid of excess cholesterol, clean blood vessels. To do this, steamed in a glass of water, the grass of the spoon is insisted for 45 minutes, and then, after pouring and diluting with warm water, drink a third of the glass before eating.

Cosmetologists also use horsetail field. Its use in lotions and creams reduces the expanded pores, heals microcracks, strengthens hair. Here's a recipe for home lotion, which can be used instead of traditional skin for cleansing the face: about two spoons of herbs are insisted in 1 liter of dry white wine. This composition can not only cleanse the face. A quarter of the glass taken in the morning will reduce the intensity of menstruation in women.

The herringbone is an almost universal plant, which must necessarily be kept in its medicine cabinet.

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