The drug "Fenistil". Instructions for use


The drug "Fenistil" instructions for userefers to the pharmacotherapeutic group of antiallergic drugs. The non-proprietary international name of the drug is dimethindene. It is available in the form of drops for internal use and is a colorless transparent liquid, practically odorless.

The main active ingredient is maleateDimetinden (one milliliter of the drug contains one milligram). Additional substances are the following: non-crystallized liquid sorbitol, sodium dihydrogenphosphate dihydrate, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, 96% ethanol and purified water.

The drug "Fenistil", instructions for useinforms, is an anti-ailigic, antipruritic and antihistamine means, which reduces capillary permeability (increased). The medication also produces an anticoninic and mild anticholinergic effect. When using this tool, there may also be a slight sedative effect.

Drops of "Fenistil" are quite highbioavailability - about seventy percent, and also have good permeability in tissue. The period during which the drug is half removed from the body is six hours. It goes mainly with urine and bile (ninety percent in the form of metabolite and ten in unchanged form).

The pharmaceutical agent in questionis used to treat hives, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, angioedema, food and drug allergies, eczema, itching dermatosis, measles, rubella, chicken pox and insect bites. In addition, the drug "Fenistil" (the instruction contains this information) is used to prevent the development of allergic reactions during the period of hypo-sensitizing treatment.

This tool is not prescribed if availableindividual intolerance of its active component (dimethindene) or other components. The drug is also contraindicated in closed-angle glaucoma, prostatic hyperplasia, and if the patient's age is less than one month (especially for preterm infants). It is not recommended to use this medication in the first trimester of pregnancy and during the period of natural feeding.

With special care, the drug "Fenistil"(instruction on use focuses on this) is assigned to patients suffering from any chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or bronchial asthma.

For children under the age of twelve, the drug should beapply according to the following scheme: at the age from a month to a year - three to ten drops 3 times during the day, from one to three - ten to fifteen drops (the frequency is similar), from three to twelve - fifteen to twenty drops three times a day .

Patients older than 12, as well as adult patients, are shown sixty-one hundred and twenty drops daily (this volume is divided, as a rule, into three doses).

The drug "Fenistil" before vaccination is given to children in the amount of ten drops the day before the vaccination, a similar volume on the day of the procedure and the next after it.

In case the patient is prone to drowsiness, it is recommended to take forty drops before going to bed and twenty drops in the morning hours (while eating).

Among the side effects manifested against the background of taking this medication, the following are distinguished: dryness in the throat, mouth, headaches, rash, dizziness, muscle spasms.

It is established that this pharmaceutical agent enhances the effect of hypnotic drugs.

The drug can be purchased in pharmacies without a prescription. Its shelf life is thirty-six months from the date of production.

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