"Otypaks" remedy (ear drops). Instructions


Medication "Otypaks" (ear drops), the price of which- from 170 rubles, belongs to the category of complex funds. The drug contains lidocaine hydrochloride, phenazone. The medication has a local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect. The medicine is prescribed in ENT practice. In the absence of damages in the tympanic membrane does not have a systemic effect.

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Lidocaine, which is part of the drug, islocal anesthetic. Phenazone is an analgesic-antipyretic with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. In the complex, both components accelerate the onset of anesthesia, increasing its duration and increasing intensity.


"Otypaks" remedy (ear drops) instructionrecommends for anesthesia and symptomatic treatment for acute otitis media in the stage of inflammation and after the flu. Indications include barotraumatic otitis media.

otypax ear drops instructions

Mode of application

Instillations of the drug "Otipaks" (ear drops)the instruction recommends conducting twice-thrice during the day. Before use to prevent the appearance of irritation or discomfort, the solution bottle should be warmed in the hands. Bury in the external auditory canal for three or four drops. The duration of therapy is not more than ten days.

Contraindications and side effects of "Otypaks" (ear drops)

The responses of many patients who used the medication,indicate a good tolerability of the drug. The medicine practically does not cause negative consequences. Probable allergic reaction, as a rule, is due to individual intolerance of the components. Do not use the drug for damages in the tympanic membrane. Contraindications include hypersensitivity. The agent "Otypaks" (ear drops) allows the use during pregnancy and lactation as prescribed by the doctor.

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Additional Information

Experts recommend before the applicationexclude damage to the tympanic membrane. Instillations during perforation can lead to the development of complications due to the contact of active substances with elements in the middle ear system. When applied, the ability of the active ingredient to give a positive doping control test should be considered. In practice, cases of drug overdose are not described. During use, use caution and do not allow the drug to penetrate inside.

There were no clinically important casesdrug interaction with other agents. With the development of side effects, which are not indicated in the annotation, you should visit the doctor immediately. In the absence of a therapeutic effect, it is not recommended to change the prescribed scheme of application independently.

Medication "Otypaks" (ear drops) instructionrecommends storing at a temperature of not more than thirty degrees. The medication is good for five years. The solution from the opened bottle is allowed to be used within six months. In spite of over-the-counter leave in pharmacies, before using the product, one should consult a specialist.

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