The drug "Oxoline ointment." Instructions for use


The drug "Oxolin Ointment" instructions forapplication refers to the category of antiviral agents. The active ingredient is oxoline. This synthetic substance has an antiviral effect on RNA and DNA viruses.

As practice shows, the "Oxolinicointment "significantly reduces the risk of infection with infections, including influenza.As a result of a number of studies, the effectiveness of the drug against the herpes simplex virus, adenovirus has been proven.

Characterizing the medicine "Oksolinovaya ointment",the instructions for use indicate the ability of the drug to stop the spread of infection, to prevent the reproduction of bacteria, while blocking the inflammatory process. It was found that the active ingredient interacts with the acids of pathogenic microorganisms, deactivating them. On the basis of these properties, the "Oxolin Ointment" medication is recommended for use both for the prevention of influenza and for the treatment of various diseases caused by viruses.

The drug is prescribed for molluscum contagiosum,Bladder or shingles caused by herpes infection. The "Oxolin Ointment" medication is recommended for use in viral lesions of the eyes and skin, viral rhinitis. The remedy is effective for squamous diarrhea. Prescribe the drug and dermatitis of an unclear nature, complicated by a wet rash. Effective is the drug "Oksolinovaya ointment" with condylomata.

As a preventive measure, the remedy is used against a background of a complex epidemic situation, especially in children's groups, if there are infected with viral infections in the environment.

Contraindicated drug "Oksolinovaya ointment" with hypersensitivity.

In connection with the lack of data on the use of the drug during lactation and pregnancy, the expediency of using the drug is determined by the doctor.

For prophylaxis, the "Oxolin Ointment"use in the mornings and evenings. The drug is applied to the nasal mucosa. Against the backdrop of an epidemic of influenza, the duration of medication can be twenty-five to thirty days.

To eliminate the viral rhinitis drug is applied a day twice or thrice on the mucosa for several days.

When inflammation of the cornea, the medicine iseyelids no more than three times a day. For convenience, you can use a special glass spatula. With inflammation of the cornea, complicated by adenovirus infection, an ointment of 0.25% is used. Application is also carried out on the eyelid area.

When infectious skin lesions are useda three-percentage ointment. The drug is applied to the affected areas. The frequency and duration of application is determined by a specialist. Given the severity of the symptoms of the pathology, treatment can last from fourteen days to two months.

The instructions for using the "Oxolin Ointment" medication are recommended for children individually.

When applying the drug, the appearance ofburning sensations, especially on the affected areas of the skin. As practice shows, usually these symptoms pass quickly enough. If irritation persists for several days, consult a doctor. In some cases, adjustment of the dosing regimen is required.

With the simultaneous use of adrenomimetic drugs, the development of dryness of the nasal mucosa is likely.

When using a medicament in recommended amounts, an overdose does not occur.

Do not use the drug uncontrollably. The administration of the drug and the dosage regimen, as well as dose adjustment, are performed by a specialist. Before applying the ointment, read the instructions.

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