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The medicine "Allomedin" (ointment) refers toinnovative dermatological products. The medicament includes allostatin, a synthetic peptide, designed to protect the mucous and skin from viruses that provoke inflammation and the appearance of neoplasms of epithelial tissue. The drug has all the properties of natural alloferons, while having some advantages, which makes it very promising to use in cosmetology and dermatology.

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The medicine "Allomedin" (instruction testifiesabout this), penetrating the epithelial tissue, activates the recognition of altered pathological cells by immunocompetent cells, triggers several protective reactions that are directed at suppressing the spread and replication of the virus. Along with this, there is no deleterious effect on normal cells surrounding the focus of pathology. By eliminating the source of infection, stimulating subsequent regeneration in the epithelium, the agent provides for an accelerated normalization of the skin condition.

Medication Allomedin. Instructions. Appointment

The medicine is used when the firstsigns of herpetic skin infection. It helps to restore the natural appearance of the veil, eliminate negative unpleasant sensations of burning, swelling, itching. Medication can stop the spread of rashes. If you miss the period of the first acute symptoms, a full recovery may take several days.

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Allomedin is not prescribed (instructionconfirms this) with individual intolerance. Before using the medication during lactation and during pregnancy, you should consult a doctor.

Method of use

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The medicine is used topically. Against the background of herpes, medication is applied to the affected areas. It is advisable to start therapy with the appearance of the first symptoms of the pathology: burning, itching, swelling, redness. Restoration of the structure of the cover is noted when using the drug "Allomedin" (the instruction contains such data) twice or thrice a day for two to three days - on the basis of labile herpes, five to seven days - when the genital area is affected. If necessary, the therapy is prolonged until the normal state of the mucosa or skin is fully normalized. With vulgar warts, papillomas, condylomas, the drug is used twice a day for three weeks. In some cases, medication therapy may be prescribed in combination with destructive interference.

The drug Allomedin. Instructions. Price. additional information

In some cases, when using a medicine,there will be additional rashes. This effect is due to an increase in immunological recognition of the sources of latent infection and the development of the subsequent inflammatory reaction. This manifestation can be perceived as a worsening of the condition, but this phenomenon contributes to the elimination of viral foci and the achievement of a persistent therapeutic result. The cost of the medicine is from 270 r.

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