How many years does sperm appear in boys?


what time does sperm appear
The period of puberty, when activatedthe activity of the endocrine system (specifically the pituitary gland), manifested in increased and increased production of hormones (which stimulate physical development), the boys are observed from 9-10 to 17 years. During this period, the adolescent is experiencing dramatic changes, on which it depends, how many years there is sperm from him. These metamorphoses are characterized by psychoemotional, functional, anatomical and physiological changes in the whole organism.

When the boys start the transition age

Physiological growth of the body, whichlasts throughout the transition years and ends with the puberty of the boy, begins about 9 years and ends at 18 years. How many years does semen appear in adolescent boys, depends on when exactly the process of growing up began. Transitional age usually begins with 9-10 years and has characteristics of violence of character and the beginning of active physical changes of the child's body. It is at this age that the important thing is the proper arrangement of life priorities, as an adult and a thinking person begins to form.

How does puberty

when there is sperm

Sexual maturation lasts throughoutof the transitional age and is manifested not only by internal changes that are responsible for how many years the sperm appears in the boy, but also for external factors, by which it is possible to determine the beginning of the maturing process of the adolescent.

The first emerging signs are an increasegenital organs in boys, in which sperm is already being developed and matured. Hormones actively affect the entire body, and the body of a teenager appears hair in places in which it was not previously: on the face, chest, genitals, in the armpits. Actively functioning sweat glands change the composition of the skin - acne appears on the face.

Over time, the boy becomes more and more like a man - he forms a type of figure, the voice acquires a more coarse tonality, and he seems more reasonable.

How many years do boys have sperm

how many years do boys have sperm
Problems of sexual relations for adolescentsacute and urgent become during puberty. The maturing organism undergoes changes and is preparing for the fulfillment of the most important task and function - the continuation of the genus. How many years does sperm appear in an adolescent growing up, and when he can fulfill his biological task - an individual phenomenon, since everything is due to the onset of the puberty period and the process of puberty. All this depends on hereditary factors, nutrition, physical load on the child's organism and the conditions in which it develops.

Approximately from 13-14 years the organism of the boy alreadyis able to produce and produce a full sperm (at the age of 9, this is usually a colorless liquid that does not resemble semen). Initially, the allocation of it occurs involuntarily, at night, when the boy is asleep, and his body is relaxed. Such discharges occur up to 5 times a month and are considered the norm. Anxiety needs to be beaten, if the allocation is abundant, frequent and happen not only at night, but also during the day. This can be facilitated by the use of spicy food, alcohol, reading disturbing literature.

at what age does sperm appear

The role of parents in the sexual education of their son

It is very important that parents accustom their son tohygiene in clothes. Boys should always be dressed for the season, do not overheat and do not overcool. Underwear should not be cramped and made of non-natural materials.

Nutrition also plays an important role in the formation of a healthy future man's body. The growing boys should not eat fast food, cola, Pepsi and in any case alcoholic beverages.

The duty of parents is to secure the necessaryhygienic habits and skills. The father should tell about the restructuring and maturing organism, about the peculiarities of the changes that are taking place. It is important for teenagers to explain everything about sexual development and even about the age at which sperm appears. In order for the child to fully trust both parents, the family should have a friendly, confidential and relaxed atmosphere with mutual understanding and love. Even if the father or mother is embarrassed when talking with his son about such delicate things, that is, the mass of literature that can be given to study the growing up child. The boy simply has to know everything about what is happening to him, it should not scare him, and even when sperm appears or his appearance changes - it should be perceived calmly and in an adult way judiciously.

Parents who follow the lifestyle of theirson, seek to create a full-fledged healthy environment for his psycho-emotional and physical development, will always be in excellent relations with his child.

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