How does an early miscarriage occur: symptoms, causes and consequences


If the pregnancy is desired, then its interruption -the greatest fear for a future mother. But it is better to know in advance how the miscarriage occurs in the early term. This will help in time to identify abnormalities and immediately consult a doctor, which will avoid the sad consequences.

how does an early miscarriage occur?

How does this happen?

What processes take place during the interruptionpregnancy? How does a miscarriage occur in the early term? Let's try to understand the essence of things. Under the influence of some factors, everything starts to go wrong. So, the fetal egg, which is attached to the walls of the uterus, can exfoliate from the cavity and then pass through the cervix and exit the vagina. But it may also be that the uterus will begin to contract (as during childbirth), because of which the emerging fetus will come out.

If you want to find out how a miscarriage occursin the early term, then you should know that there are several stages. At the first stage, the process only starts. The uterus begins to contract, and the fetal egg can partially exfoliate from its wall. This is called a threatening miscarriage. The second stage is more intense contractions and a more extensive detachment. This is called the beginning of the miscarriage. In this case, pregnancy can still be saved. The third stage is the death of the fetal egg. If it remained in the uterine cavity, and there was an incomplete miscarriage at an early age, a cleansing is necessary. Otherwise, intoxication or sepsis will begin. The last stage is a miscarriage. A fetal egg leaves the vagina.

Causes and Symptoms

Now you know how a miscarriage occurs in the early term. It is not out of place to find out the reasons for this phenomenon. There can be many, we list the main:

  • miscarriage at an early age photo
    abdominal trauma;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • genetic fetal anomalies (the so-called natural selection is triggered);
  • Immunological problems (cells of the woman's body begin to reject the fetal tissues);
  • infection of the genitourinary system;
  • anomalies in the structure of the uterus;
  • common infectious diseases;
  • severe stress;
  • abortions or miscarriages in the anamnesis;
  • bad habits;
  • taking certain medications;
  • weight lifting or heavy physical exertion.

Now you should list the symptoms of miscarriage:

  • aching pain in the lower abdomen, which can give back;
  • pain can become worse and become cramped;
  • any abnormal discharge (brown, pink and all the more scarlet) should alert the woman;
  • weakness and dizziness may be felt.

What does miscarriage look like in the early term? The photo will help determine this. But more often small clots leave the vagina, because at this stage of development the fetus has not yet formed.

miscarriage on early cleansing

What to do?

For any anxiety symptoms, you should immediately call an ambulance. While you wait for the doctors, lie down and try to calm down.

If a miscarriage does occur, it is important to go throughultrasound examination to make sure that the uterine cavity is clean. Otherwise, you will need a scraping. The doctor will remove everything that remains.

A woman who has suffered a miscarriage needs support and understanding. But she must know that life does not end.

Successful and easy pregnancy for you!

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