Mycoplasmosis in a cat: symptoms and treatment


Mycoplasmosis in a cat occurs quite often. This disease is characteristic not only of stray animals, but also of domestic well-groomed pets kept in excellent conditions. The cause of the disease is mycoplasma bacteria. They multiply in the body and produce toxic products of vital activity, which are the result of their violent enzymatic activity.

mycoplasmosis in a cat
Most often mycoplasmosis in a cat is detected onmucous membranes of the eyes, mouth. Mycoplasmas do not penetrate the cell, but attach to its surface. In doing so, they actively absorb nutrients and produce very aggressive products, for example ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Symptoms of this disease depend on the localization of the pathogen and can be different. Most often there is inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth and eyes. Damage to the joints and skin is also possible. Less often mycoplasmosis in a cat is manifested by such symptoms as a runny nose, sneezing, shortness of breath, discharge from the eyes. In neglected variants of the disease, non-healing wounds are noted on the skin, due to chronic inflammation of the joints, lameness appears. The eyes of the sick animal begin to fester. In females, spontaneous abortion can occur.

mycoplasmosis in cats
Mycoplasmosis in a cat can manifest itself in anyage. In kittens, this disease occurs quite often. There are no significant differences in the manifestation of infection. Symptoms are almost the same as in an adult animal. But their degree of expression is slightly lower. It is very important that it does not matter whether the kitten is brought from the street or born from a thoroughbred domestic kitty. The thing is that mycoplasmas are present in the body in practically all healthy animals.

Many veterinarians believe that mycoplasmosiscats, the symptoms of which have already manifested, is the result of a strong weakening of the body's immune forces. This may be a consequence of malnutrition and lack of minerals and vitamins. In order for the treatment of this disease to be most effective, a correct diagnosis is necessary. If you suspect a developing infection, you need advice from a veterinarian. If all the accompanying symptoms are found, appropriate assays will be assigned. The pupils take smears from the mucous membranes of the eyes and oral cavity and send them to the laboratory.

Mycoplasmosis in cats is transmitted to humans

In case of confirmation of diagnosis, treatmentMycoplasmosis is carried out by antibiotics. This process can be complicated, if the disease is started, and the cat's eyes are very festering. This will greatly hinder the direct action of antibiotic substances on the outbreak. A characteristic feature of this ailment is its absolute safety for pet owners. All statements that mycoplasmosis in cats are transmitted to a person are incorrect. This allows you to successfully treat your pet at home. With timely therapy, complete recovery is observed. By itself, the infection does not cause any particular harm to the cat's health.

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