Phimosis - what is it? Symptoms, causes, treatment


Phimosis is the constriction of the prepuce of the penis.The head with phimosis opens hard and painful or does not open at all. Phimosis can be physiological or acquired. With physiological phimosis, there is a natural narrowing (without scarring) in the place where the slimy leaf passes into the skin. The skin is supple, elastic, easily stretches.

Symptoms of phimosis:

  • inability of the foreskin to full discovery;
  • difficulty with urination, a thin stream of urine;
  • frequent urinary infections are possible.

Physiological phimosis

Almost every male infant has an extremeflesh at birth is not removed. This is a physiological phimosis. What can it entail? Phimosis is not a problem unless it causes inflammation and difficulty in urinating. Only half of the one-year-old boys have an extreme flesh that can move above the neck of the penis. By the end of the third year, the foreskin can be removed from 90% of the boys. In children aged 6-7 years, phimosis occurs in 8% of cases, by the age of 17, 1% remains. There are no clear age limits that determine the physiological phimosis.

phimosis what is it
If a child is diagnosed with phimosis, what is itthen how should parents act? Treatment of this form of phimosis is carried out individually, in some cases, surgery can be avoided. It is necessary to carefully and delicately stretch the foreskin. The procedure should be carried out after the baby's bath, so that the tissues are more elastic and stretchable. Improve the result will help the use of cream "Akriderm." Tension of the tissues with each time should be slightly increased, in no case avoiding the sharp removal of the head. Sharp movements can lead to injury to the narrowed part, the appearance of scars and psychological trauma to the child.

If the opening for opening the foreskin is very narrow, the child has trouble urinating, phimosis of the penis is surgically removed.

Boys with this physiological feature should pay great attention to hygiene. Before the opening of the head of the penis, it is advisable to treat the penis with antiseptic preparations every day.

phimosis circumcision

Hypertrophic phimosis - what is it?

Proboscis (hypertrophic) phimosis ispathology, in which the foreskin expands so much that it completely covers the head of the penis even in the erect state. Excess foreskin creates a favorable environment on the penis for the development of pathogenic bacteria. There is an unpleasant smell, the probability of development of inflammatory diseases is great. In addition, boys can be subjected to peer ridicule, adult men may have problems in their sexual life.

There are two ways to cure hypertrophic phimosis- Circumcision and conservative treatment. When circumcised, the foreskin is excised under local anesthesia. The sutures dissolve after a week, sexual activity can be resumed in a month.

member phimosis
Cicatricial phimosis

What is dangerous cicatricial phimosis, what is thisdisease, in what way is it expressed? The impetus to the development of acquired phimosis can serve as a genetic predisposition, trauma to the penis, and also balanoposthitis (simultaneous inflammation of the penis and foreskin). Often cicatricial phimosis develops in diabetics and men who ignore the rules of hygiene. The disease progresses rapidly and can lead to the development of urethritis, impaired urination and gangrene head. Conservative treatment is ineffective. For rapid final recovery, circumcision is recommended - circumcision of the prepuce.

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