Acne on the penis: possible causes, types and characteristics of treatment


Often representatives of the strong halfof mankind are faced with unpleasant formations on the penis, which can differ in color, size and shape. If they resemble acne, then, most likely, it is a minor inflammation, which can be caused by both an allergic reaction and pathology.

Acne in the groin

Also, you should not neglect yourhealth, since such neoplasms may be the first symptoms of diseases that are sexually transmitted. In order to start treatment in time, it is recommended to consult a specialist as soon as possible. But first it is worth trying to understand why the pimple on the penis has come out. How dangerous is this?

Features of Acne

Usually this word refers to any kind ofelevation or education, which are located on the skin of a person. They appear as a result of a violation of the secret function of the sebaceous glands or because of blockage of the follicular canal. As a result, the sebaceous substance is released into a larger volume and bursts outward.

In addition, during the formation of acne onmember or any other parts of the body appear dead skin cells and tissues. If all these components begin to connect, blockage of the sebaceous ducts occurs. Because of this, bacteria get very favorable soil for their propagation.

In this case, several varieties of acne on the penis are isolated. For example, there are inflammatory or non-inflammatory. In turn, the last variety is open or closed type.


If we talk about the severity of acne on the headpenis or at its base, then there are three states. If there is an easy degree on the sexual organ of a man, up to 10 formations can appear, which will not be inflamed. In this case, they do not bring great discomfort and attract attention only externally.

With an average degree on the genitalup to 40 non-inflamed acne. However, some of them can be inflamed. In this case, the man will experience itching and other unpleasant sensations. With a more severe incidence of this ailment, more than 40 acne appears on the penis of the man. At the same time, most of them have a bright red color. Additionally, purulent inflammation, cyst, knots and pustules may appear.

When should I see a doctor?

In some situations, if a pimple popped upmember, it does not cause strong fears or unpleasant sensations. However, it is necessary to immediately seek specialized care in the event that acne produces very strong physical discomfort. In this case, we are talking about painful sensations that do not disappear for a fairly long time, up to two weeks.

At the doctor's

Also it is necessary to show vigilance in that case,if there were pimples on the head of the penis and they strongly itch, causing severe pain and swelling. Immediately it is necessary to go to the doctor if, after some time after the appearance of the rash, the man's body temperature has greatly risen.

Also, care should be taken by those whonoticed that the inguinal lymphonoduses increased significantly on the very head of the penis. In addition, it is worth asking for help if the pimples quickly began to transform into ulcers. After applying to a specialist, he will help classify the type of education and prescribe the appropriate treatment. To date, there are several known varieties of such formations, which should be discussed in more detail.

White non-inflamed pimples on the penis

This type of formation occurs inmedical practice more often. In this case, barely noticeable white hillocks appear on the skin of representatives of the strong half of humanity. In this case, they can appear anywhere in the penis. And in some situations, men do not even notice their presence, since the rash is located right under the head of the penis. They can also meet on the scrotum or be on the entire surface of the genital organ.

These pimples on the penis do not cause seriousanxiety both for the patient himself and for the doctor. However, do not start a similar ailment, because in case of inflammation in the pimples infection can get. On its background, a more serious pathology can develop.

Fordys grayling

In this case, there are pimples of pearlescentcolors. Such formations, as a rule, are most often located in the lower part of the glans penis. From this type of acne most often suffer from adolescents.

Why on the penis pimples of this type appearnamely in my youth? This is due to the fact that during puberty in the body of young people there are serious physiological hormonal changes. As a result, the secret function of the sebaceous glands becomes too active.

Such an acne should not cause serious concern or require specialized treatment. However, in particularly difficult situations, a specialist can prescribe a number of preventive measures.

White inflamed acne

In this case, we are talking about folliculitis, that is, aboutsmall formations of white color, which are most often concentrated in the bulb of the hairs. Inside such pimples, there is usually a purulent content.

As a rule, people suffer from such a problemmen who have decided on mechanical hair removal. In this case, purulent pimples on the penis do not pose any threat to the health of a representative of the strong half and, accordingly, do not require specialized treatment. It is enough to use hygienic cosmetology.

White pimple

It is also worth noting that similarpimples in some situations can develop due to an allergic reaction to clothing. If the underwear is too tight or made of synthetic materials, then this can exacerbate the situation. As a result, against the background of inflammatory processes, pathogenic bacteria can appear. In this case, it is recommended to switch to underwear made of cotton fabrics as quickly as possible.

White pimples on legs

If a man suffers from such rashes,then they can be the first signs of serious sexual diseases. Similar purulent pimples on the penis will be strongly itchy and cause unpleasant painful sensations.

As a rule, such entities areharbingers of herpes, gonorrhea and candidiasis. With this kind of disease it is necessary to cure it as quickly as possible, otherwise the affected area will constantly expand. Doctors in such situations, as a rule, prescribe medication.


If the formations resemble large pimples onmember, inside of which a transparent liquid of a yellowish hue accumulates, then in the first place it is necessary to exclude an allergic reaction. Such inflammation may be due to the fact that the man began using grease or condoms, which adversely affect the skin condition. As a rule, with such a pathology, the blisters will be strongly itched and cause unpleasant sensations. Also, blisters can appear and in that situation, if the penis has been given a mechanical effect, for example, if a man accidentally zipped his pants from his trousers.

Old man

However, if large pimples do not pass throughFor a long time, this may indicate the presence of genital herpes. Similar rashes begin to spread to a large area of ​​the skin. Also in this situation, the temperature may rise. It is necessary to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Red pimples on the penis

These education are considered the most dangerous. As a rule, red acne is the first symptom that a man begins a viral or fungal infection, which gradually goes into the active phase.

Red spots on the penis may appear due toa variety of venereal diseases. With such problems, it is necessary to begin treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, the man is in for a very serious complication.


What if there is a pimple on the penis and it does not go away for a long time? Of course, immediately seek qualified medical help.

Man and doctor

If at first small pimples appeared on thepenis only in the area of ​​its base, and then passed to the entire inguinal region, this may indicate the development of trichophytosis. In this case, the man will constantly complain about the itching. At the next stage, the growing red circles begin to appear on the skin. With this pathology, specialists, as a rule, prescribe a course of treatment with the use of antifungal agents directed.

In some situations, the cause ofUnpleasant formations are pubic lice. Thanks to modern methods of treatment, getting rid of them is quite simple. To do this, it is enough to purchase an antiparasitic drug and treat it to the affected area. As a rule, in order to get rid of pubic lice, only 1 procedure is enough.

Specialists recommend the use of various topical agents in the treatment process, as well as use anti-inflammatory ointments.


During the diagnosis and treatment of doctorsprefer to exclude papillomavirus infection. In this case, on the genital area of ​​the man appear firm small pimples, which are more reminiscent of warts. Such entities are rarely scattered. As a rule, there is only one pimple.

If a man suffers from papillomavirusinfection or genital herpes, then in this situation everything depends on the causative agent of the infection. In order to get rid of an unpleasant disease, doctors recommend drugs that strengthen immunity. If they do not give an effective result, then patients undergo antiviral therapy.

Problems with the member

After this, you need to monitor your health and avoid hypothermia.

There is also a huge number of very differentmethods that are selected depending on the specific situation. However, all the experts say that in no case can not prescribe the treatment yourself. In the event of a venereal disease, such manipulations can only exacerbate the situation. If the appearance of acne on the penis was triggered by an infection, then it is necessary to drink a course of antiviral drugs.

When fungi are formedappropriate antifungal drugs. The simplest pimples in medical practice are those that arise from the fact that a man does not pay due attention to hygiene.

Features of diagnosis of male diseases

If a man suffers from acne, which inmostly located on the head of the penis, then it is worth turning to the venereologist. If the rash is located closer to the base of the penis, it is recommended to visit a dermatologist.

First of all, any of these specialists take a smear from the urethra, as well as a general analysis of blood and urine. Only after this, the patient can expect the most accurate diagnosis.


To exclude the possibility of acne onpenis, you need to carefully monitor the hygiene of the genitals. It is also recommended not to buy underwear made of synthetic or toxic materials.

The man on the couch

For washing, you should try to use natural remedies. In this case, you need to ensure that a man visits the shower at least two times a day.

In addition, you can start using moisturizers with vitamins B and E. To exclude the possibility of venereal diseases, it is not recommended to change the sexual partners often.

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