Rashes on the head in adults and children


The appearance of a rash on the head may be a signalthe onset of a serious illness. In children and adults, the appearance of irritation on the skin has different causes, so treatment should be selected according to age.

Rash in adults

Depending on the nature of the manifestation and the accompanying symptoms, a red rash on the head can talk about

Rash on the head
the following:

  • Sexual infection is usually a thrush.Appears rash, itching, burning, white flakes on the foreskin and glans penis. The thrush is mainly sexually transmitted, but can also occur after swimming in a dirty pond or using a variety of drugs.

  • Venereal diseases - syphilis, gonorrhea andothers start with irritation on the skin of the genitals. Large pimples gradually cover the foreskin, bringing severe discomfort. Treatment should be started immediately, until the infection has become more serious.

  • Allergy - a rash on the head sometimes appears with an allergic reaction. Irritation does not cause any inconvenience and passes quickly after taking antihistamines.

    Red rash on the head

  • Genital herpes - about the presence of thisdiseases say small bubbles, filled with fluid, sores and erosion. The disease manifests itself suddenly and has a duration of 5 to 7 days, if the appropriate treatment was performed. If the man does not take any measures, the bubbles turn into very painful sores, causing pain and burning, especially when urinating.

Any rash on the head should be timelyeliminated, otherwise a man has to temporarily stop having sex. In serious diseases, the sexual function is disrupted - an erection is lost, the ability to sexual arousal, there is frequent and painful urination.

Rash on the head in children

In children, as a rule, the rash on the genitals is notis a sign of the disease. In most cases, the appearance of a rash is to blame for the parents. Irritation on the delicate skin of a child can arise from many factors:

  • Rashes on the genitals
    Use of diapers is the mostcommon cause. In a disposable diaper, the baby's skin does not breathe at all, but is under the influence of a material that can cause allergies. If the rash on the genitals has a scale character, affecting not only the head, but also the foreskin, testicles and anus, it is recommended to change the brand of the diaper. And best of all - abandon it altogether, to quickly eliminate irritation and prevent its reappearance.
  • Poor hygiene - the child, regardless of sex, should be washed daily without soap. Remains of urine, dust clogged into the foreskin, into the orifice of the genital organ, causing severe irritation and discomfort.

Rash on the head in children does not requirespecialized treatment. In most cases, parents can cope with the disease at home, alone. If home remedies and baby creams do not bring success, then you need to visit a doctor. Sometimes, adult diseases can occur in children of any age.

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