Nurofen for children


Any malaise and illness of very smalla child is troubled, and sometimes even a panic among parents. After all, treating such a child as yourself can not. So the relatives begin to rush about, trying to bring down the temperature of the baby. And then they can come to the rescue Nurofen children, which is designed specifically for young children. It can be used from the age of six months, although sometimes doctors recommend three-month-olds.

Nurofen is a medicinala drug, the main component of which is ibuprofen, especially for babies presented in a suspension with the taste of orange. The developers took care of the smallest, and now parents no longer need to persuade their child to open their mouth and drink a spoon for hours, because this taste is always liked by children. The composition of the drug completely lacks dyes, alcohol and sugar.

Nurofen children are prescribed by doctors in thosecases, when the child starts any inflammatory processes, the temperature rises, with otitis, angina, influenza, infectious diseases such as mumps or measles, inflammation in the lymph nodes, etc. It can be given to a child when a tooth is aching or a new one is cut, with bruises, fractures or stretches, migraines. One of the main advantages of the drug is its rapid action: already in 15 minutes after taking it it alleviates the pain or reduces the temperature, keeping its effect for seven hours, which is different from many other medicines that contain paracetamol.

Usually, doctors prescribe Nurofen for children at the rate of5 or 10 milligrams for each kilogram of the child's weight three or four times a day, however, not more than 30 milligrams. The pediatrician himself calculates the dosage and the scheme by which the baby should take this medicine.

Today for toddlers in pharmacies are offereda wide variety of antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs that are produced in tablets, capsules, and in the form of powders and suspensions, but Nurofen suppositories for children, especially for the youngest ones, are most convenient. This form of release of the drug allows you to inject a drug without a whim, because the candles have a smooth surface, and in shape resemble a torpedo, which greatly facilitates their introduction.

Doctors very often with various painsyndromes such as migraine, neuralgia, rheumatic pain, Nurofen Plus pills are prescribed, the instruction to which categorically forbids taking this medication to pregnant women, but this medication helps to all other groups of people quite effectively.

Like any other medicine, Nurofen hascontraindications. It is not recommended to take people who have an increased reaction to ibuprofen and acetylsalicylic acid, as well as patients with urticaria, bronchial asthma, rhinitis.

If the child has a gastrointestinal tract,there are any inflammatory processes in the intestine, renal or hepatic insufficiency, a hearing loss or a diagnosis of hemophilia, then it is impossible to take this medication in any case.

Nurofen for children is not recommended to use more than three days as an antipyretic and more than five - as an analgesic.

During the reception should be closely monitoredthe state of the baby, and with the slightest side deviations - nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, skin rashes, itching, dizziness, and just a sense of discomfort, you should immediately stop treatment and see a doctor.

Reviews about this drug in most parents are positive, because it acts very quickly, easing the state of the child.

However, in spite of all this, the choice of the medicine to be treated by the baby still remains for the parents, who, after consulting with a specialist, must solve this issue themselves.

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