Any symptom of uterine myoma as a signal to action


Myoma of the uterus is a tumor consisting of a muscular-connective tissue. Despite the formidable word tumor, myoma has no relation to oncological diseases and does not give metastasis.


The causes of myoma are still to the endnot revealed, the only thing that is reliably known - to provoke the disease can hormonal failure, or rather, an excess of estrogens with a concomitant deficit of progesterone.

symptom of uterine fibroids
It should be noted that the content of hormones in the blood does not correspond to their content on the surface of the epithelium in the uterus.

The disease is very common. According to statistics, every eighth woman after 30 years suffers from this disease.

Myoma differs in the place of dislocation:

- intracavitary;

- growing inside of the uterus;

- fibroids growing on the outer surface, towards the abdominal cavity;

- a tumor that develops inside the very wall of the uterus.

Factors that increase the risk of myoma development:

- Pregnancy;

- inflammatory and venereal diseases;

- heredity;

- irregular cycle of menstruation;

- abortion or other surgical interventions;

- obesity;

- Thyroid gland diseases.

uterine fibroids large size symptoms
At the beginning of the disease, a woman rarely feelsdiscomfort and, as a rule, does not complain about any serious symptom of uterine fibroids. But nevertheless there are signs on which it is possible to suspect such diagnosis. In addition, every woman should undergo a medical examination every six months, regardless of the presence of complaints.

Myoma of small uterus. Symptoms:

- during menstruation, bleeding became more abundant or, conversely, very scarce;

- constant cycle failures;

- Discomfort in the lower abdomen.

Many patients do not pay attention to such symptoms, and in vain, because abundant monthly lead to anemia, and with the growth of the tumor, the possible treatment becomes more difficult and serious.

Myoma of the uterus large. Symptoms:

- constant aching pain in the abdomen or lower back (these sensations are related, the fact that the increased tumor began to press on neighboring organs);

- problems with urination and stool, most often constipation and false urge to the toilet;

Another serious symptom of uterine myoma isa sharp rise in temperature and a sharp pain in the lower abdomen. This condition occurs in the case of a twisting of the myoma's leg and, as a consequence, the dying and rupture of the neoplasm.

Treatment and prevention

The only one hundred percent prevention of this disease is a gynecological examination every six months and ultrasound. And having at least one symptom of uterine fibroids, you need to go to the doctor immediately.

uterine myoma small size symptoms
With early diagnosis of fibroids, get rid of itmuch easier. Tumors of small size are removed almost without damage to the uterus itself. In advanced cases, the myoma is removed along with the uterus, and sometimes the appendages.

If this disease is not treated, it threatens not only a serious operation, but also infertility.

Myoma of small size, if a woman does not plan a pregnancy, usually does not require surgery. The doctor simply observes the tumor, if it does not increase, then everything remains as it is.

Any symptom of uterine fibroids should alert a woman and be an occasion to undergo an unscheduled ultrasound, because only with careful attitude to yourself can you keep your health.

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