Armenian cigarettes: description of goods and opinions of customers


There are few Russians who at least once tried to smoke Armenian cigarettes. Nevertheless, in their region they are very popular.

Manufacturers and brands

Today, Armenian cigarettes are produced by several enterprises. These include:

  • LLC "International Masis Tabak";
  • Armenian-Canadian JV GRAND TABACCO;
  • OOO SPS Cigaronne.

These companies were established relatively recently, but forshort time they have already achieved great success. In production plants, the process begins with the processing of tobacco. Further raw materials are processed on modern equipment by European technologies under the supervision of experienced foreign experts. Perhaps, that is why Armenian, American, Iranian, Russian, Georgian, Belgian, Afghan and some African countries purchase the Armenian cigarettes with pleasure. According to the professionals, these products are of a rather high quality, which is in no way inferior to similar products of European production. Currently, Armenian cigarettes are represented on the international market by several well-known brands:

  • Ararat;
  • MT;
  • Akhtamar;
  • Gloria;
  • Cobra;
  • VIP;
  • Noy.

Armenian cigarettes

Each of them has several varieties depending on the main indicators (resin content, CO and nicotine content).

Armenian Akhtamar

Special interest in experienced smokers is caused by the famous Akhtamar cigarettes. Basically, their production is handled by JV GRAND TABACCO company, whose factories are located in Yerevan and Masis.

cigarettes akhtamar

To date, in retail outlets, buyers can purchase the following types of this popular brand:

Assortment of Akhtamar brand cigarettes
№ п / пNameAmount of resin, milligram / sig.The amount of nicotine, milligram / sig.
1Black Flame50,5
2Silver Flame30,4
7Exclusive Black Flame80,5

For the production of these products as raw materialsforeign (Berlei, Han-terville and Samsun), and domestic (Basma and Jubilee) varieties of tobacco grown by selection in experimental fields are used. Some types of cigarettes of this brand have original features. For example, "Akhtamar Exclusive" is equipped with a unique rigid filter-mouthpiece, the length of which is 56 centimeters. He perfectly copes with the raised maintenance of pitch and does not create a dyscomfort to the smoker.

Consumer opinion

Those who were lucky enough to try Armeniancigarettes, reviews about them leave the most positive. First of all, excellent quality of bags. For each product, tobacco is selected individually. Unites all kinds of only the highest quality of raw materials and its excellent processing. For example, "Akhtamar Classic" is more like men. They have a characteristic taste with light bitterness. But it does not spoil the overall picture. After smoking, a pleasant aftertaste always remains in your mouth. Women prefer the lighter cigarettes of the King Size format. Many women like to buy Armenian Cigaronne. They are characterized by a moderate fortress, good quality of tobacco, as well as a fairly good combination of style and image. Take, for example, Cigaronne Classic Extra Long White.

Armenian cigarettes reviews

For them, special tobacco is used, which has passedmultistage cleaning. As a result of a complex technological process, toxic substances are completely removed from it, which can contribute to the development of cancer. In addition, these cigarettes use the original triple Perlite filter mouthpiece. Its surface along the rim is covered with hygienic foil, which prevents the soaking. Among other things, this cigarette is simply nice to hold in your hands. Stylish and elegant, she emphasizes the status of the smoker herself.

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