To be or not to be, why do circumcision


Circumcision is a partial orcomplete removal of the prepuce by surgical intervention. Considering the question of why circumcision is done, one can see that it is carried out according to many traditions and religious views, as well as medical indications, for example, in the presence of phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin) or balanoposthitis (inflammation of the head of the member due to the accumulation of smegma), and also with premature ejaculation, since circumcision reduces the sensitivity of the penis.

Considering ancient traditions, and why Jewsdo circumcision, you can see that long since circumcision was an obligatory procedure in the adoption of Judaism. This procedure was carried out at the age of up to a year. Islam accepts circumcision as a custom, but there are no strict rules regarding its implementation.

If there is such a disease as phimosis,Circumcision is done immediately, since when the foreskin is narrowed, the penis head is not completely exposed, and under the foreskin is going to smegma, which often leads to inflammatory processes. When balansposti must be circumcised, because the inflammatory process can enter the urethra.

Many men who are addicted topremature ejaculation know the answer to the question of why circumcision is done. In fact in this case the skin of a head of a sexual member is condensed, hence, the sexual certificate or act to last more time.

Cropped men are less likely to become infected with genitalherpes, syphilis, AIDS, gonorrhea, hepatitis and many other diseases, since the pathogens are in the foreskin, which is removed, women are at risk of inflammation of the uterus. Also, men are excluded from developing the cancer of the genital organ, as the secretion of the sebaceous glands, usually accumulated under the foreskin, is erased. Considering why circumcision is done in old age, it should be noted thatthere are cases when the foreskin fuses with the head of the penis, which contributes to the occurrence of problems with urination, so this procedure is extremely necessary. Circumcision is also done to reduce the risk of getting into the genitourinary system of various infections.

Considering the age at which circumcision is done,it can be noted that up to 12 years, this procedure is carried out under general anesthesia, at the older age - under local. If the procedure is performed in children up to two months, usually anesthesia is not applied.

When a circumcision is performed, the penis is insertedanesthetic preparation, after which removal of the foreskin along the circumference of the penis and stitching of the skin takes place. In rare cases, the urine enters urine during urination, which can lead to their inflammation, as well as blood, which leads to infection in the body.

After surgery, mostmen get an erection due to the friction of the penis head about the laundry. However, over time, this phenomenon will cease, as there will be a process of adaptation to new conditions.

If we carefully consider the question of whydo circumcision, you can see its other side. So, after the process of circumcision the head of the penis becomes unprotected, as a result of which it loses its natural lubrication and becomes dry. Moreover, friction against linen causes pain and discomfort, and there is a small risk of infection after surgery.

Experts advise those men who do nothave defects in the development of the penis and who monitor personal hygiene, do not circumcise. In any case, every man has the right to decide whether to be circumcised or not.

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