Bad erections


Poor erection often occurs when takingmedicines. There are separate medications that can adversely affect a man's potency. These include hormone-containing drugs that block the function of male sex hormones, as well as products containing female hormones. Typically, these drugs are prescribed for severe pathologies, for example, in the case of prostate cancer. In such situations, an early relief of the condition and prolongation of the life of the patient is chosen. However, after the abolition of potent antiandrogens, a bad erection usually passes.

In addition, there are drugs that can provideThe oppressive effect on the cerebral cortex and weaken the strength of the man. As a rule, they include alcohol and a variety of narcotic drugs. It should be noted that they affect not only the brain, but also the whole body. Depletion has an adverse effect on reproductive function and potency. In such cases, a bad erection is eliminated only if the total rejection of the depressant and complete recovery.

Erectile dysfunction develops and as a resulteffects blocking the nerve peripheral end of the medication. Such means include diphenhydramine. His reception for more than ten days can provoke the development of sexual impotence.

Bad erections can be provoked andindividual neurological pathologies. These include epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord and brain injury, pelvic floor, perineum, as well as surgical interventions in these areas.

It should be noted that the development of serious ailments pushes, as a rule, problems with erection in the background because of the need for immediate treatment and elimination of severe symptoms.

Special attention should be paid to psychologicalcauses of weak erections. It should be noted that any other disorder of sexual function necessarily affects the mental background. In other words, the violation develops into a psychological factor.

Sluggish erection or its absolute absencemen can be caused by depression, prolonged stress, fatigue, dissatisfaction with partners and themselves. Erectile dysfunction often develops against the background of conflict situations associated with sexual predilections and demands. The provoking factor is the fear of a possible pregnancy or infection with sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS.

Ejaculation in men can not occur ifconditions, where there is a sexual act, not suitable for that you can relax. Of course, some people extreme sex is very exciting (in the open office, elevator, in the car). However, most couples prefer a quiet and secluded setting.

One of the psychological varieties of the problem is also selective erectile dysfunction. At this erection is absent only with a certain partner against the background of constant success with others.

Ejaculation may not occur, and in the presence ofmen of the so-called "syndrome of the first meeting." Problems can arise only on the first date, and with all subsequent contacts no problems are noted. There may be a situation in which a man experiences such intense excitement that an erection is absent due to body fatigue.

To distinguish organic erectile dysfunction frompsychological, as a rule, is not difficult. With the psychological nature of the condition, ejaculation usually occurs during masturbation, and also happens in the morning or at night.

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