Means of contraception. Condoms for women


Condoms women are relatively newmeans. They are related to barrier contraceptives. These funds are created exclusively for women and are used, like others, to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Condoms women are intended for single use. These drugs prevent the penetration of sexual infections into the body during sexual intercourse. Effectiveness depends on the correct use. On average, protection is provided by 98%. You can buy this type of contraception at the pharmacy or look for a specialized condom store on the Internet. It is undesirable to use the drug for women with underdeveloped musculature of the vagina. When removed from the package, the contraceptive may not have a very pleasant smell, but it quickly evaporates.

Description of the tool

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Condoms for women are available in the form ofcalled the vaginal tube. Its length is about fifteen centimeters, diameter - about eight. From both ends fixed rigid rings: the lower (closed) ensures the retention of the product in the vagina, the upper prevents the contact of the labia and the penis. Contraceptives are made of elastic material - soft polyurethane.

Condoms for women. Mode of application

Introduction of the drug is carried out independentlybefore the act itself. The lubricant is applied to the inner part of the contraceptive. The introduction is made so that an open end is left outside the vagina. At sexual contact, the partner inserts the penis into the contraceptive.

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After the end of the certificate, the remedy is removed from thevagina before the partner gets out of bed. Condoms women are eliminated by a slight sip of the ring, left outside. To prevent leakage of semen, the end of the contraceptive is tightened. When it is inserted into the vagina, you should be careful, as it is easy enough to break its integrity with your fingernail or the edge of the ring. The use of a female condom does not imply the use of a male condom. With the simultaneous use of these contraceptives, slipping or damage to one of them may occur.

Condoms for women. Benefits

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This tool does not reduce sensitivitywalls of the vagina. The use of a contraceptive does not depend on the level of erection of the partner's partner. The material from which female condoms are made does not irritate the genitals of both partners. Thanks to the protection of not only the internal, but also the external genital organs of the woman, effective protection against the penetration of venereal infections is ensured. The contraceptive can be administered a few hours before the beginning of the act, which is of particular importance in the implementation of lovemaking. It can be used even by those who have an allergy to latex. The condom's shelf life is about five years on average.

Side effects

As practice shows, there are no negative consequences when using this contraceptive. One, perhaps, unpleasant psychological moment may be the appearance of the vagina protruding from the vagina.

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