How to remove papillomas at home - tips for traditional medicine


"Papilloma! What is it? "- those who have not yet encountered this phenomenon ask themselves a question: this is a very common and very unpleasant disease.Papilloma is a benign neoplasm on the mucous nasal, mouth or genitals, as well as on the skin of any part of the body. a disease with a virus that begins to become more active when the body is weakened by a disease.There are no symptoms of the disease as such, and therefore the patient may not even suspect about his illness.

how to remove papillomas at home
But it's easy enough to get infected - just a simple handshake. Most often for treatment resort to folk methods, and only when the disease was not able to win, go to the doctor.

How to get papillomas at home

For treatment with folk remedies used inmostly celandine juice, aloe and tea tree oil. All these plants have anti-inflammatory and drying effect. But let's take a look at how to remove papillomas at home.

Tea tree oil

It contains many phytoncides thatkill most viruses. Therefore, oil destroys not only the consequence of the disease, but also its cause. It should be applied in pure form to the papilloma in the morning and evening. Within 14 days, it will disappear. Only it is necessary that the oil does not fall on the adjacent areas of the skin. Prolonged contact is fraught with a burn.

how to withdraw papillomas at home


The fact that with the help of this plant, you canremove warts, knows, probably, everyone. And here's how to remove the papilloma at home with it, and is it possible? Perhaps, and it's very simple. The skin needs to be steamed and put on the damaged area tincture of celandine, which can be bought at the pharmacy or made at home yourself. After 7 days, the ailment recedes. Attention: from the skin adjacent to the papilloma, you need to remove the infusion with a clean sponge, a burn may occur!

Leaves of aloe

As for most folk recipes, wesuitable for treatment only five-year-old plant. It had time to nourish with useful properties and is able to bring a positive result in many diseases. How to remove papillomas at home with aloe? It is necessary to cut the leaf in half and apply a cut to the place of injury. Leave for 4 hours. And to not keep the leaf constantly, fix it with adhesive tape. The procedure should be conducted for at least 10 consecutive days.

Other means

papilloma what is it

You can use dandelion juice for treatment,and rowan. Some advise to smear papilloma with laundry soap. They say that by morning it falls off on its own. Well, this has some sense. Soap dries the skin, and the household has an alkali in its composition. It could be.

What's next?

Well, now you know how to remove papillomas inhome conditions. But this is not all, the virus in the body has remained and can manifest itself at any time. So you need to strengthen the body. Begin to take vitamin complexes, preferably those that contain zinc. As much as possible rest, drink the course of antiviral drugs. And try not to get sick with the flu in the first few months after the treatment with papillomas is started.

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