Sea buckthorn. Benefits and harms of berries


A better name than the one that gave itshrub, the people, to think up, perhaps, is not easy. Its branches are really covered with orange or yellow fruit. It is known that the ancient Greeks fed the horses with the leaves of the bush and its young shoots.

sea ​​buckthorn
Thanks to this, their fur glistened, animalsquickly recovered. Hence the Latin name of the plant. When the use of sea-buckthorn was scientifically proven, it turned out that cultivating it is not so simple. Successful spread of shrubs became possible only after studying his biology and the many-year work of breeders.

Sea-buckthorn: benefit fruits

This is a very valuable medicinal plant.Seabuckthorn can be considered a ready-made natural multivitamin, since its fruits contain vitamins E, P, B, C, B, A and B. In this case, all of them, except for tocopherol, are contained in the leaves of the bush. In frozen fruits, all vitamins are stored up to six months. Fresh juice from them is not only an excellent restorative aid, but also an antitussive (only in this case it should be used with honey). Decoction of fruits is applied externally for skin diseases.

sea-buckthorn benefits and harm
Sea-buckthorn: benefit oils

This product, produced not only from seeds,and even from the pulp of fruits, appreciates both official and traditional medicine. They cure many skin inflammations and diseases (lichen, chronic eczema, poorly healing wounds and ulcers, etc.), lesions caused by radiation therapy of oncology. In gynecology, it is used for colpitis and erosions of the cervix. No less effective is it with frostbite, burns. People suffering from chronic rhinitis, which is especially aggravated in the fall and winter, will immediately feel relieved if several drops of oil are dripped into the nose.

Sea-buckthorn: benefit in cosmetology

Decoctions of fruits and bush branches usefor external and internal use with alopecia or partial loss of hair. When dry and normal skin of the face is recommended to regularly make masks from the sea-buckthorn pulp. For this, the fruit needs to be wiped and added to the resulting pulp egg yolk or sour cream.

the benefits of sea-buckthorn
After applying the mask, you need to keep on your face about15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Very good sea buckthorn oil restores the fading skin. Apply it in the form of a mask. Need to grind with ½ tsp. butter the egg yolk of one egg and apply the resulting mixture on the neck, face and decollete area. To wash it it is necessary too warm water of minutes through 20.

Sea-buckthorn: benefit in the food industry

Of fresh bush fruits are obtained verytasty jelly, jelly and jam. They are nutritious and restorative. And for the winter for future you can prepare and sea buckthorn juice. To do this, you need to grind the fruits, put them in a pot covered with enamel, pour it with lukewarm water, warm to 50 ° C and squeeze again. Then the juice needs to be filtered through gauze, folded in three to four layers, and can be rolled. It turns out fast, tasty and very useful.

Sea buckthorn: benefit and harm

But despite all the valuable qualities, the fruits of thissome people do not want to eat plants. This category includes those who suffer from gastrointestinal ailments, pancreatic diseases and acute cholecystitis.

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