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Scientific studies prove that tourmaline(electrical mineral) is a unique crystal with a long-lasting electric field. It was formed tens of thousands of years ago during the eruption of volcanoes. This mineral does not require additional energy, since it absorbs the solar energy.

tourmaline bracelet reviews

The crystal acts as an emitter of anions andInfrared rays, which have a beneficial effect on the body. They increase resistance, strengthen immunity, regulate the nervous system and normalize the blood. The composition of the mineral contains about 50 microelements, which heals our body at the cellular level and gives us vitality. Nanotechnology of the XXI century allowed the use of the crystal for good purposes. On its basis, various products are manufactured: blankets, pillows, shower heads, belts, combs and bracelets.

From this article, readers will learn howtherapeutic properties of tourmaline bracelet. Reviews indicate the miraculous qualities of the product - this innovative decoration helps the health of the body as a whole. It works without a battery - it is charged from a human body, iron or hot water. A bracelet made of crystalline mineral is made, very convenient to use.

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How it works?

When heated, infrared radiation is noted,which penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis, thereby destroying harmful and dangerous substances, including free radicals. As a result of wearing a bracelet, the vessels widen, blood flow and lymphatic drainage are normalized. Reduces the harmful effects of bioenergetic, geopathic, impulsive and electromagnetic waves of tourmaline bracelet. Customer feedback on this product indicates a good impact on the emotional state of a person.

Regular wearing of the bracelet promotesrestoration of bone tissue and joints. The energy metabolism of Qi is normalized, circulation of blood circulation is removed, painful sensations, stress are eliminated, stagnant phenomena disappear, muscle tension, and sleep is strengthened, and the general condition improves. A long-lasting result is provided by a tourmaline bracelet. The price of the product starts from 500 rubles.

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To start a bracelet, it must be wornon the skin. It can be used by anyone who suffers from chronic diseases, has weakened immunity and leads a sedentary lifestyle. A useful and tourmaline bracelet is useful both for stretching and joint contracture. Feedback from experts about it is only positive. Most doctors recommend that it be worn by patients in a complex of rehabilitation measures after the traumas and operations.

The product improves internal secretion, reducesfatigue, lowers blood pressure, relieves headaches, soothingly acts on muscle tissue and nervous system. In addition, protects from depressions, fatigue and stress tourmaline bracelet. The patient's feedback confirms its therapeutic effect. It is strongly recommended to wear it while working with a computer.

It should be said that some restrictions inThe application also has a tourmaline bracelet. Contraindications are: high fever, a tendency to bleeding, allergic reactions, lactation period and pregnancy.

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