Umbilical hernia in adults: treatment required for the manifestation of a disease


The main signs of the development of the disease are:

1. Violations of the functions of the vestibular apparatus - nausea, vomiting.

2. Pain sensations in the abdominal area, especially with physical exertion.

3. The umbilical ring increases, which is visible even with the naked eye.

4. Vypiranie in the navel, which decreases when the position of the body in a recumbent state.

umbilical hernia in adults treatment

These signs of umbilical hernia in adults allow the surgeon to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Diagnosis of the disease

For the diagnosis of umbilical hernia usuallyuse the method of radiography, gastroscopy, ultrasound and gerniografiyu (study of herniation increases with the use of contrast agents).

Umbilical hernia in adults. Treatment

Traditional methods of treatment of umbilical herniainclude both conservative therapy and surgical intervention, depending on the complexity of the course of the disease. Surgical operations take place in such forms:

umbilical hernia in adult bandage

- Hernioplasty - excision of a hernia, premiseinternal organs in the abdominal cavity, strengthening the hernial gates in order to prevent the re-development of a hernia. However, it is worth remembering that heart patients who are diagnosed with umbilical hernia (in adults) are categorically prohibited surgically.

- With a slight convexity, plastic is used,strengthening and restoring the tissues of the abdominal cavity. In this case, both the patient's tissues and implants can be involved. The operation is performed under the influence of local anesthesia.

"If education reaches enormous proportions,then the umbly hernia is removed promptly in adults. Treatment includes implantation of stretch plastics. Introduced an endoprosthesis, which strengthens the gate of the hernia. As a rule, this method is very effective and excludes recurrence recurrence. After the umbilical hernia was quickly removed from adults, the bandage is necessary, since its use prevents muscle tension in the abdominal region.

Some methods of traditional medicine that help to heal a hernia

With the diagnosis of umbilical hernia in adults, treatment with folk methods is used only in simple cases. So, a few recipes:

signs of umbilical hernia in adults

1. Twice a day, before a meal, drink diluted 5-7 drops of turpentine oil in 50 grams of milk. Take for one and a half weeks.

2. In case of pain, pour salt into a piece of tissue, wet and apply to the hernia.

3. Ash from the dried and burned cherry branches mix with a glass of water, brought to a boil. Drink three meals a day before meals.

4. Bark the young larch in a thermos, pour boiling water. To proceed follows from a proportion: 6 table spoons of bark on 4 glasses of hot water. Insist 10-12 hours. Take four times a day for 200 grams before meals. Continue treatment for two weeks. The same broth can make lotions on the navel.

People who have discovered an umbilical hernia,should be aware that the consequences of this disease can be serious. Remember - the earlier you contact a doctor, the easier it will be to receive treatment.

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