Balm "Star" - an excellent remedy for many ailments


Balsam "Gold Star" in the people is called"Star". This drug, which is presented in the form of ointment, liquid balm, pencil for inhalation, cosmetology patch, syrup, nasal drops, nasal spray and other preventive and curative drugs.

balsam asterisk

Balsam "Asterisk". Composition and medicinal properties

Vietnamese "Star" - a drug related topharmacotherapeutic agents of plant origin. Its main components are natural substances. Balm "Zvezdochka" consists of formic acid, menthol, hips extract, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, camphor, petroleum jelly. This tool was created by scientists from Vietnam. They used the composition of essential oils of various medicinal plants, including other substances. It should be noted that all the preventive and curative properties of this balm are officially confirmed by medicine. "Zvezdochka" is a balm that does not adversely affect the skin of a person, which has been proved by the studies of its components.

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Due to its oily base, the "Zvezdochka"easily penetrates the skin, toning, stimulating, enhancing blood circulation, while reducing body temperature. In addition, this tool helps to remove toxic substances from the skin. Balm Zvezdochka is used as follows: a small amount of this drug is applied to individual parts of the skin, while this substance is carefully rubbed into the skin. With a headache you need to apply balm in the neck and temples, with a cold under the nostrils, in case of a cold - on the back, chest and stomach, with a bite of insects - directly to the place of the bite.

Vietnamese asterisk

The balsam asterisk has some contraindications:

  1. In case of allergy to this substance.
  2. In case of skin damage.
  3. With skin diseases.
  4. Child age is up to two years.
  5. During pregnancy.
  6. During lactation.

Balsam "Asterisk" can be of several types:

  • anti-catarrhal - is used to treat and prevent colds and various inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract;
  • anesthetizing - used to treat and prevent pain in the joints, muscles, spine;
  • universal - is used to treat and prevent colds, eliminate pain in joints, reduce itching while biting insects;
  • Post-traumatic - used to treat edema in the event of stretching or bruising;
  • gentle - it is used for insect bites, burns and in case of skin irritation.

The result

In connection with the wide range ofBalm "Zvezdochka" is considered to be an indispensable tool for medical and cosmetology treatment in every home, and quite affordable. Some doctors do not recommend taking this substance to children under five years old. Otherwise, the ingredients included in the composition of the "Zvezdochka" balm can cause various complications. Particularly attentive should also be future mothers and women breastfeeding.

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