Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The instruction of "Nurofen"


The drug "Nurofen" is a non-steroidan anti-inflammatory agent, an acid derivative of phenylpropionic acid. The drug has antipyretic and analgesic effects. The activity of the drug is associated with its ability to slow down the synthesis of prostaglandins, block the enzyme cyclooxygenase. After oral administration, the drug undergoes rapid absorption. Biotransformation occurs in the cells of the liver.

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Instruction of "Nurofen" recommends usingthe drug inside and out (for the gel). Tablets, pills, capsules are prescribed for adults and adolescents who do not have difficulty swallowing the drug. Suspended form of the drug is recommended for young children. Indications for the use of the drug include pain syndrome of a different origin and localization. The medicine is prescribed, in particular, for myalgia, neuralgia, migraines, algodismenore. Instruction "Nurofen" recommends a remedy for patients with rheumatic, dental, headaches. Effectively, the drug for fever on the basis of influenza or ARVI.

Nurofen's instruction

Dosage regimen of the drug "Nurofen". Instructions

The syrup is recommended for use with half a year. The dosage is calculated according to the weight of the patient. It is recommended for 5-10 mg / kg, but not more than four times a day. The total dose per day should not exceed 30 mg / kg. Patients from 6 to 12 months are assigned 2.5 ml, from 1 to 3 years - 5, from 4 to 6 - 7.5, from 7 to 9 years - 10 ml, from 10 to 12 - by 15 ml. From the age of 12, it is permissible to switch to a tablet form of the drug or use the drug externally. The initial dose for oral administration is 200 mg 3-4 times a day. In severe cases, an increase in the amount of the drug to 400 mg is allowed. The maximum dose per day is no more than 1.2 g.

Side effects

The instruction of "Nurofen" warns thatthe medicine can provoke nausea, vomiting, flatulence, discomfort in the epigastrium. To undesirable consequences should be attributed to lesions in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract of erosive, ulcerative nature (complicated in some cases by bleeding and perforation). On the basis of therapy, confusion, soreness and dryness of the nasal mucosa, depression, and increased fatigue may appear. Some patients experience ringing in the ears, hearing impairment, cystitis, and acute renal failure. During treatment, patients with hypersensitivity may develop an allergic reaction (Nurofen's instruction also warns about this). It should be noted that, as a rule, side effects appear after the expiration of two to three days after the application.

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Additional information about the "Nurofen" tool. Instructions. Price

The drug is not recommended for prescriptionsimultaneously with acetylsalicylic acid and other NPVM. When combined with thrombolytic medications and anticoagulants, the risk of bleeding increases. The cost of the medicine varies from 40 to 250 rubles depending on the form of release. With the development of adverse effects in the use of medication should visit a doctor. Before starting therapy, you should read the summary and consult with a specialist.

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