The drug "Ovarium compositum"


Ovarium compositum (Ovarium compositum) refers toto the category of combined homeopathic remedies. It is used for therapeutic purposes with hormonal failures, as well as pathologies associated with women's reproductive organs. "Ovarium compositum" - a preparation of German manufacture, it is made by firm "Hel".

The composition of the homeopathic remedy includes:

  1. Extract of pork ovaries.This component allows you to work on ovarian diseases, menstrual cycle disorder. In addition, this element is used in the period of menopause, especially in cases of disorders in the nervous system.
  2. A drug from the placenta of a pregnant (pregnant) animal. This component is prescribed in the absence of menstruation and malfunction in the peripheral circulatory system.
  3. Poultry tube preparation. This element is indicated for inflammations that provoke infertility, in the absence of menstruation, disorders in the onset of ovulation, during menopause.
  4. Pig pituitary preparation.This component is prescribed for endocrine pathologies, metabolic disorders, in connection with pituitary dysfunction, dysmenorrhea, collagenoses, violations in the onset of menstruation and ovulation.
  5. Preparation from uterine pork cells. This element is indicated in the erosion of the uterine neck, loss of the uterus, the absence of menstruation, myomatosis, precancerous conditions, infertility.
  6. Aconitic acid, being a biocatalyst incycle of citric acid, promotes activation of oxygen supply to cells. This component is indicated for precancerous conditions, neoplasms in the early stages, with angina pectoris, heart rhythm disturbances, mood swings, joint pain at night.
  7. The drug from the American valerian is effective for calm with the abuse of stimulant drinks, sleep disorders.
  8. Tiger lily.This component is indicated for the omission of the uterus during menopause, inflammation in the reproductive system of women, with inflammation in the vagina, sleep disorders, migraine-like pain, depression.
  9. Guaiacol and cresol are prescribed for degenerative processes associated with age-related changes, as well as for mucosal lesions, inflammatory lesions.
  10. Aquilegia vulgaris. This component is indicated for menstrual syndromes characterized by the severity of the course, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, during menopause.
  11. Giant raincoat is used for disorders of menstruation, abundant discharge in girls.
  12. Hydrastis Canadian is prescribed for build-ups, ulcers, purulent eruptions in the mucous membranes.
  13. Ipecac. The component is used for heavy bleeding, vomiting.

Thanks to a combination of these and other ingredientsmeans "Ovarium compositum" helps normalize the production of hormones, improve the recovery of damaged tissues in reproduction organs. The drug, in addition, removes inflammation, has a calming effect.

It should be noted that only natural ingredients are included in the preparation Ovarium Compositum. Its use is allowed in the earliest childhood.

According to the instructions, the drug "Ovarium Compositum" is not allowed during lactation. Pregnancy is also a contraindication to the use of the drug.

The drug is administered intravenously, intradermally, subcutaneously, intramuscularly.

Patients with six years of age are prescribed by an ampoule fromone to three times a week. For girls under two years, the dosage is four or six times the content, from two years and up to six - a third or half. In the event that injections are difficult for any reason, oral (through the mouth) administration of the drug is allowed. To do this, the contents of the ampoule must be dissolved in five or ten milliliters of water, before being swallowed, held in the mouth for a while.

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