How to narrow the vagina with exercises


Muscles of the vagina need training, theirIt is necessary to maintain in shape all life, as much depends on this. How to narrow the vagina, everyone must know. Especially young girls should think about successful birth, muscle training will contribute to this. Such female diseases as uterine prolapse and much more, appear due to relaxation of the muscles of the vagina. Since these muscles perform many different functions, they need intimate training. Vumbilding - exercises for narrowing the vagina, will help to acquire the muscles of the former elasticity after childbirth, which will provide a lot of pleasures in the intimate sense if the sensations have decreased a little, and this is considered quite normal phenomenon among the female sex.

how to narrow the vagina
How to narrow the vagina - muscle training

With the help of vumbildinga - a set of exercises forintimate muscles, you can not only strengthen the vagina and restore elasticity to the muscles, but also cure urinary incontinence, and also recover in a short period of time after severe delivery.

How to narrow the vagina with vumbudging in the most common ways

You do not need to start training hard,start with the simplest. During urination 2 or 3 times, as far as possible, delay the excretion of urine, this will well train the entrance muscles of the vagina. Throughout the day, be sure to perform the "squeeze-hold" exercise, it is very simple, you can do it even at work, while doing your own business. Technique exercises - we pull in the muscles of the vagina with maximum force, hold for 10 seconds and relax for 5 seconds. All done about 5 minutes.

how to narrow the vagina
How to narrow the vagina in the second way,probably every woman who went through birth. It is recommended by gynecologists, and not only to pregnant women, but also to ordinary patients. For this exercise, you must simultaneously compress the muscles of the vagina, as we did in the previous exercise and the muscles of the anal sphincter. To delay in a strained condition is not necessary, we relax muscles at once and we do it 20 times.

The next exercise that will tell us how tonarrow the vagina, combines the useful and enjoyable, since it must be performed during sexual intercourse with a partner. To exercise, you need to thoroughly feel all the muscles of the vagina and imagine, as if you are pushing something out of yourself with all the force. This will provide even more pleasure during sex, than usual, and your partner will feel the difference. Do the exercise as often as possible, always when you have sexual intercourse.

exercises for narrowing the vagina
The last exercise, but no less effective,trains the abdominal muscles of the inner thighs and intimate muscles, which is very important for us. We stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands on the waist, socks turn to the sides. Slowly, not hurrying, we begin to squat, bending our knees apart, doing squats as low as possible, while we stay in position for about 10 seconds and slowly rise. If you have a good sense of muscle tension, then everything is going right. We do the exercise for the beginning 3 times, with each day adding one, and so up to seven times. This will help you strengthen the muscles of the vagina. All exercises must be done in a complex, only in this way you will achieve maximum effect in a short time.

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