The drug for getting rid of nicotine addiction "Brizantine": reviews, specifications, dosage and indications for use


brizantine reviews

Many people have bad habits, but onegetting rid of them does not cause special problems, while others need specialist help or treatment with medical or biologically active drugs. Today, there are many tools that can help in the fight against alcohol and nicotine addiction. One of such medicines is the drug "Brizantine", reviews and information about which are presented in our article.

How does this tool work?

This drug reduces the patient's desire topsychotropic substances, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. In addition, it eliminates irritability, internal discomfort and does not allow even thoughts of nicotine to appear. This drug does not cause addiction and drug dependence. The medicine is available in the form of tablets for resorption, 20 pieces per blister. The package can be 20, 40 or 100 tablets. The above-mentioned remedy is prescribed for the elimination of alcohol and nicotine addiction or for the quality of use in the early days of rejection of bad habits.

Indications and contraindications for use, dosage of the drug

Bryzantine reviews of doctors
Contraindication to use isincreased sensitivity to this drug, as well as the child's age of the consumer (less than 18 years). During pregnancy and lactation, the drug should be used with caution, since there is no information about the effect of the drug on the fetus. The medicine "Bryzantine", which is reviewed below, must be taken orally, resolving the pill completely. A day is recommended to consume 2-3 of them, before or after a meal. If the craving for alcohol increases, it is possible to increase the dosage of the drug to 5 tablets per day. There are no side effects, however, an allergic reaction is possible with an overdose. The drug "Brizanthin" does not affect the management of transport and does not create problems when working with complex mechanisms and apparatus. It costs to pack the above-mentioned medicine 250 rubles (40 tablets). Depending on the region, the price may vary.

What do doctors and patients say about the drug?

The medicine "Brizantine", consumer reviews aboutwhich are in most cases positive, effectively helps to cope with bad habits. Those who tried the above mentioned remedy note that after the course of treatment, they lost the desire to consume alcoholic beverages. The advantage of these pills is that they have practically no taste, that is, they do not cause unpleasant sensations during resorption and do not require washing with water.

pills brizanthin
Female representatives whoused tablets "Bryzantine", noted the fact that this drug is not hormonal, does not affect weight. So, after taking the above-mentioned tablets for resorption, the extra pounds will not make itself felt. Most consumers noted that after using the drug, the desire to smoke and drink alcohol is not returned. Means "Bryzantine", doctors' reviews about which also make you look at the drug more closely, is an effective drug. It consists of natural substances, they keep the body in tone, do not cause drowsiness. After taking no sensation of weakness. Therefore, physicians are also recommended to include this drug in the course of treatment while delivering the patient from nicotine or alcohol dependence.

We hope that our article about the Bryzantine preparation, reviews about it, characteristics and other useful information will help you or your relatives in choosing an effective means to combat bad habits.

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