Runny nose with blood from the baby. Causes and Treatment


Unfortunately, a common cold is not a frequent phenomenon.only among children, but also among older people. However, it is in childhood that a cold with blood often appears. This, of course, very much frightens most parents. However, let us all calm down. There are no reasons for much anxiety here. The thing is that the mucous membrane of the nose of a person has a huge number of fairly small capillaries and vessels. Especially it is characteristic for the lowest part of the septum of the respiratory organ. Physicians call this place the wreath of Kehchelbach. So, in the case of children, it is very closely located directly to the surface of the mucous membrane itself. As a result, even the slightest impact on such a sensitive area is accompanied by the appearance of blood. Treatment in these situations is not required. However, experts sometimes prescribe to children with fragile capillaries a drug called Ascorutin. This tool perfectly helps to strengthen the thin walls of the smallest vessels and capillaries.

So why, after all, children are so oftenis there a runny nose with blood? Let's look into this issue in more detail. Our nasal cavity requires abundant blood supply. The reason is very simple. The air that a person inhales through the nose, before reaching the lungs, must necessarily be warmed. That is why the network of blood vessels is closely located to the mucosa. As for the damage to such capillaries, it not only leads to the appearance of blood in the mucous discharge from the nose, but it can also cause severe nasal bleeding. Factors that affect the rupture of small capillaries are huge. This is a severe cold, and too dry air in the room or room in which the child is, the transitional age and lack of vitamins in the child's body, as well as a disease called neurocirculatory dystonia. With this ailment, the baby is concerned not only with a common cold with blood, but also noise in the ears, severe headaches, nosebleeds.

Rhinitis with blood is observed not only in children. This phenomenon is often found in adults. This happens especially often if a person has a bad cold. Regular nosebleeds, nasal congestion and inflammation of the mucosa - all this leads to damage to the integrity of the walls of the vessels, which are located close to the mucous membrane. As for small amounts of blood in the mucus, they should not cause fear or anxiety, especially if this is an isolated case. However, in cases where this is observed repeatedly, it is necessary to undergo a survey.

It is necessary to pay special attention if the datathe symptoms are characteristic of the child. A regular runny nose with blood in a child can be observed with such diseases as leukemia or even hemophilia. Here, without consulting and assisting a specialist, you simply can not do. First, parents should show the baby to the doctors (LOR and the pediatrician). But do not worry about it - in most cases this symptom is caused by much less serious causes.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the common coldit is necessary to treat. At the same time it is necessary to start this at an early stage of the disease. Quick treatment of the common cold is possible in such situations. Parents should remember that the sooner the baby gets better, the less likely the appearance of blood in the discharge from the nose. And one moment. There is a disease called chronic rhinitis, in which the walls of the capillaries in the nasal mucosa quite often occur. It develops if the child is not cured, and it is difficult to get rid of it. That is why it is so important to always cure the runny nose to the end.

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