Early miscarriage - causes and consequences


According to statistics, miscarriage, or spontaneousabortion, in the early term - a fairly common phenomenon. About 20% of women lose a child for up to 12 weeks. Sometimes this is due to the fact that a young mother, unaware of her "interesting situation", leads a tense lifestyle, which provokes miscarriage.

The causes of miscarriage at an early stage may be different. The main ones are described below.

Genetic abnormalities

Congenital defects interfere with the embryowall of the uterus, resulting in a miscarriage. In nature, this is called "natural selection": the body of the woman himself knows that from the inferior offspring you need to get rid of. You can save the fruit, but is it worth it? It is possible that the baby will be born sick, with physical deformities or mental disabilities. Genetic changes arise due to the influence of unfavorable environment, radiation, hidden viruses. Modern medicine suggests in advance, at the planning stage of pregnancy, to visit a geneticist.

Maternal infections and chronic diseases of internal organs

Serious sexual infections cause miscarriagesan early date of 20%. Before pregnancy, a woman must pass the tests, as many diseases are asymptomatic. Bacteria penetrate through the membranes, infecting the future baby, as a result of which he may die.

Diseases and inflammations of the internal organs, influenza, tonsillitis, acute poisoning, rubella in the first weeks of pregnancy can cause miscarriage.


Medications, in particular antibiotics andhormonal agents, through the placenta wilt to the embryo and have a disastrous effect on the formation of the internal organs of the baby. Not knowing about pregnancy, many women continue to receive contraceptives. This fact must be made known to your gynecologist.

Traditional medicine is not always useful duringpregnancy. Tea with herbs and various decoctions can be drunk only after consulting a doctor, and parsley is generally excluded from the diet - the tone of the uterus increases significantly.


The result of the interruption of unwanted pregnancythere may be inflammation, adrenal and ovarian failure, blockage of pipes, etc. A large number of abortions affect the tone of the uterine muscles, which are weakened by extraneous interference, and a woman can become unable to bear fruit.

Rhesus-conflict of parents

The difference in the Rh factor of the blood of the mother and father can cause the body to "reject" the fetus. However, modern medicine has learned to cope with this problem.

Stress, physical activity, trauma

Heavy work in production, heavy liftingweighing more than five kilograms, accidental falls, hot tubs - all this can provoke miscarriage at an early date. Falls are not so terrible - the fruit is well protected in the body of the mother, but in other cases it is better to see a doctor.

Mother's way of life

Smoking, alcohol, drugs, a large amount of caffeine and lack of fresh air adversely affect the development of the embryo, which can cause a spontaneous abortion in the early term.

In addition to psychological trauma, there is alsothe physiological consequences of miscarriage in the early term: in the uterus may remain parts of the placental tissue or fetal egg, which begin to rot and cause inflammation. It can lead to tragic consequences - from infertility to death. Doctors should pay special attention to cleaning the uterus to avoid further traumatic scraping.

In addition, bleeding after spontaneous abortion can be very strong and, in order to avoid a large loss of the patient's blood, doctors take emergency measures.

Early miscarriage is not a verdict. Before planning a pregnancy, a woman in the future will need to undergo a survey and consult with experts to avoid a repetition of the tragedy.

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