The medicine "Spiramycin". Instructions for use


Drug "Spiramycin" is included in the categorymacrolide antibiotics. The drug can act bacteriostatically, in high doses it shows bactericidal activity. The agent depresses the synthesis process in the cells of the pathogens of the infection. The drug is able to accumulate in a bacterial cell in high concentrations. The drug "Spiramycin" (the experts' reviews confirm this) do not have a stimulating effect on the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract. When using the drug, there is a decrease in the risk of transmission of toxoplasmosis to a future child from a pregnant woman. The agent does not affect the severity of the pathology of the already infected fetus.

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The medicine "Spiramycin". Instructions for use. Appointment

The drug is recommended for toxoplasmosis in the period(as an alternative medicine). The drug is prescribed for bacterial lesions (as a second-line medication), provoked by microorganisms that have sensitivity to it. Indications include pneumonia of the out-of-hospital type (including atypical), chronic bronchitis (with exacerbation), tonsillitis, arthritis, sinusitis, osteomyelitis, otitis media. The drug "Spiramycin" instruction for use allows for use in pathologies transmitted during sexual contact (gonorrhea, syphilis, genital chlamydia, with their combined manifestation), urethritis of various nature, prostatitis, extragenital chlamydia. Recommended remedy for phlegmon, abscesses, infected dermatitis, erysipelas lesions and other skin ailments. The drug is prescribed to prevent meningitis in persons who were in contact with patients no more than ten days before admission. The drug is indicated for the prevention of articular rheumatism of acute course, treatment of bacteriocarrier diphtheria and pertussis.

spiramycin instructions for use

Means "Spiramycin". Instructions for use. Contraindications

It is not recommended to use the medication whenhypersensitivity, during lactation. Do not prescribe medication to children in the form of intravenous infusions. Caution is shown with hepatic insufficiency or obstruction in the bile ducts.

The drug is "Spiramycin". Instructions for use. Side effects

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On the basis of the use of medicines may be notednausea, pruritus, rash and other skin allergic reactions, diarrhea, increased activity of alkaline phosphatase and ALT (in rare cases). Negative consequences include soreness in the site of introduction into the vein. Some patients (very rarely) have acute colitis, thrombocytopenia, hepatitis (cholestatic), damage to the intestinal mucosa, ulcerative esophagitis. If side effects occur, use of the drug is stopped.

Dosing regimen

It is prescribed to adults for 3-6 million IU twice a dayor 1.5 to 3 million IU three times. Against the backdrop of severe infections, the dosage can be increased to 6-7.5 million IU twice a day. Children prescribe the drug in accordance with the weight personally.

The medicine "Spiramycin". Instructions for use. Price

The cost of medicine in pharmacies is from 166 rubles.

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