Men's thrush: treatment of ailment


Men suffer from thrush much less often thanwomen. This can be explained by the fact that the fungus is washed out of the urethra by urine. Physiologically, candidiasis rarely affects the male genital organs. The manifestation of thrush in the stronger sex is an alarming symptom, which indicates a decrease in immunity or the presence of other sexual infections. Therefore, if a male thrush is concerned, it is important not to get involved in self-medication, but to have an urgent examination with a specialized doctor.

In rare cases, candidiasis occurs due todribbling infection with bed linen, clothes, dirty hands. At present, balanoposthitis and candida balanitis are referred to diseases that are transmitted sexually. Often a predisposing factor contributing to the development of these diseases is diabetes. Men's thrush is almost never found in people with circumcised foreskin.

The clinical picture of the disease has manyoptions. Mildly, the disease appears on the head of the penis shortly after sexual intercourse in the form of mild hyperemia, irritation or burning of the skin. These symptoms quickly pass.

In some cases, the skin of the penissmall papules are formed, which are transformed into surface vesicles or pustules that grow during an autopsy in the erosion from whitish, curdled form of the milkweed. Often, these manifestations quickly go away, but with complications they pass into persistent erosions, extending to the scrotum and inguinal folds.

In diabetic patients with immune disordersthe status of a male thrush can be very difficult. There are persistent swelling of the skin, ulcers appear. The foreskin is infiltrated, painful cracks appear, and the head of the sexual organ is exposed.

For active candidal infection in mencharacterized by such manifestations as burning and itching, redness in the genital area, soreness in sexual intercourse, swelling of the head and foreskin, the formation of a whitish coating, an unpleasant strong sour smell.

How to treat a male thrush

Usually in the initial stage of occurrenceCandidiasis in men apply local treatment. Preparations are applied to the head of the penis in the form of a cream. The procedure is performed twice a day, the course is a week. In any case, the duration of treatment and the type of drug can be prescribed only by a doctor. Self-medication can cause big problems.

In chronic forms of the disease, antifungal drugs are taken internally. Depending on the stage prescribe drugs that restore the microflora of the body, produce antibacterial therapy.

Treatment of male thrush necessarily mustinclude a head toilet and a prepuce bag to remove pus, smear, raids. To perform the procedure, prescribe baths consisting of disinfectant and anti-inflammatory solutions (solutions of potassium permanganate, soda, boric kistloty). A good effect is achieved with the use of specific anticancer drugs, creams with clotrimazole, lamizil, ginopevaril, which twice a day cover the foreskin with a thin layer, and then the glans penis, the duration of treatment is 5-7 days. A popular and effective drug is, for example, cream "Candinorm".

During therapy, a certainA diet that excludes the reception of spicy, sweet, spicy and marinated dishes. It is unacceptable to drink alcohol-containing beverages. To achieve a greater effect, it is necessary to abstain from sexual intercourse throughout the course of treatment. To activate and support immunity, it is recommended to take vitamin complexes, immunostimulating drugs, because with weakened immunity, male thrush can return.

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