The causes of acne on the face and how to get rid of them


For every lady, the appearance on the face of acne oracne often becomes a catastrophe. This not only reflects on its attractiveness: without proper treatment, acne can spread all over the face. This problem worries women of any age. For one day to withdraw acne is unrealistic, it is easier to prevent their appearance than to treat later. But for this you need to know the causes of acne on the face. If you avoid them, then acne will stop bothering you.

causes acne on the face

Types of acne and the features of their appearance

Most often there is an acne on the face. The reason for this is that there are many small hairs, namely hair bulbs are the place of appearance of acne with a black head. Often pimples also appear when the sebaceous glands are blocked due to excessive production of sebum. Such fat-enhanced pores become a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria, so there is a suppuration. These pimples look inflamed, often they are large in size and painful.

Small acne without inflammation is calledcomedones. Very often there are whiteheads on the face. The reasons for this are a blockage of the sebaceous glands. If such comedones are open, then sebum is oxidized in the air and blackens. Such small black eels are often on the wings of the nose.

acne on the face of the cause

The causes of acne on the face

  1. Most often, pimples appear due to incorrectskin care. Frequent use of fatty cream, insufficient skin cleansing and a large amount of decorative cosmetics leads to clogging of pores and the appearance of inflammation. To this may also result in excessively thorough washing, degreasing the face with alcohol lotions or infatuation with a solarium. Improperly selected cosmetics often lead to inflammation.
  2. Very often acne is associated with hormonalrestructuring in the body. Therefore, adolescents, pregnant women and women before menstruation suffer from acne. To lead to the appearance of acne can also endocrine disorders in the body. This indicates a hormonal failure and requires special treatment.
  3. The causes of acne on the face are often associated withhuman nutrition. Some foods can cause allergic reactions. The most common cause of acne is semifinished products, fast food, sweets, alcohol and coffee. The lack of vitamins, especially vitamin B, fried, fatty foods, as well as smoked meats and pickles, also cause the appearance of acne. Disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys immediately affect the skin of the face.
  4. whiteheads on the face of the cause
    The appearance of acne can be caused by a decrease in immunity. Because of this, the skin loses its protective functions, which contributes to the development of inflammation.
  5. The skin on the face immediately reacts to the mood of a person. Constant stress, lack of sleep, depression and frequent conflicts, strangely enough, can cause acne.
  6. In some cases, the causes of acne on the face are associated with the subcutaneous mite demodex. In this case, coping with acne is especially difficult.

How to prevent the appearance of acne?

To cleanse the skin, you need to eliminate the causesacne on the face. Use only high-quality cosmetics that suits your type, give up bad habits and eat right. In time, treat diseases of internal organs and avoid allergens. And the face will please you with cleanliness and smoothness.

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