Means "Ophthalmic" (eye drops). Instructions


The medicine "Oftolik" is issued in the form oftransparent solution, colorless or with a yellow tinge. The medicine is used in ophthalmology. The composition contains polyvinyl alcohol, povidone. Additional components: water, sodium chloride, disodium edetate, benzalkonium chloride.

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Description, mechanism of action

Means "Ophthalmic" (eye drops) instructioncharacterizes as a keratoprotector. The medicine provides protection of the cornea with reduced production of tear fluid or with high evaporation of the tear film. Povidone and polyvinyl alcohol help to reduce redness and eye irritation. By covering the surface, the joints reduce stress and prevent rupture of tear film. Polyvinyl alcohol has properties similar to mucin, produced by conjunctival glands. The component helps moisturize and soften the surface of the eyes. Due to the activity of the component, the stability of the film increases. After instillation, low systemic absorption is noted.


Ophthalmic medication (eye drops) instructionrecommends to use with dry eye syndrome to eliminate discomfort, burning sensation, irritation accompanying this condition. The drug is indicated as a substitute for tears with reduced secretion. Medication is recommended for conditions requiring moistening or softening of the cornea.

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Means "Ophthalmic" (eye drops). Instructions. Price

It is recommended (in the absence of other regulationsophthalmologist) 1-2 drops in both eyes. The frequency of instillations is three or four per day in accordance with the severity of the manifestations. Before digestion it is necessary to wash hands. The vial is shaken and the lid is removed. During instillation, the tip of the pipette should not touch the surface of the eye or the skin (to avoid infection). For a more complete distribution of the solution, you should tilt the head back, pull back the lower eyelid, make a drip introduction. The bottle must be turned upside down. After use, the preparation is closed tightly with a lid. The cost of medicine in pharmacies from 200 rubles.

otolik eye drops instruction

Side effects of the drug "Ophthalmic" (eye drops). Reviews

According to many patients, after applicationsolution significantly improves the state of the eyes. The drug is fast and effective. In addition, the remedy has a minimum of side effects and contraindications. When applying the drug "Ophthalmic" (eye drops), the instruction warns about this, it is possible the development of allergic reactions. As a rule, they arise when the components of the drug are intolerant. With increasing pain, deterioration of vision, persistence of symptoms of the pathological condition for more than three days or the appearance of absent manifestations should consult a doctor.


The medicine is not allowed to be used in the presence ofindividual intolerance of the components. The expediency of carrying out therapy to pregnant and lactating patients is determined by an ophthalmologist in accordance with the indications and tolerability.

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