The drug "Fluviert". Instructions for use


Cough drug "Fluviert" rendersmucolytic effect. It helps to restore the balance of neutral and acidic components of bronchial secretion, normalization of its elasticity and viscosity. The drug positively influences the regeneration of the mucosa, the stabilization of its structure, the activation of the ciliary epithelium. When ingestion the drug is quickly and completely absorbed. During the first hour of presence in the body, the maximum concentration of the drug is reached. The therapeutic level of the drug in the blood is maintained for eight hours. Excretion occurs with urine predominantly.

The medicine "Fluviert". Instructions for use. Indications

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The drug is recommended for bronchopulmonarypathologies of chronic and acute course complicated by the formation of difficult-to-extract sputum of increased viscosity. Indications include, in particular, bronchiectasis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tracheobronchitis, tracheitis. The remedy is also prescribed for otitis media, rhinitis, sinusitis, adenoiditis and other lesions of the paranasal sinuses and middle ear. The drug is recommended for bronchography and bronchoscopy.

Medication "Fluviert". Instructions for use. Contraindications

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Do not prescribe a remedy for peptic ulcer (instages of exacerbation) in the organs of the digestive tract, nursing and pregnant. The drug "Fluviert" (powder) instruction does not recommend children under sixteen. Suspended form of medication is not prescribed for patients up to a year. Contraindications include hypersensitivity.

Side effects

The drug can cause a skin rash, malaise,gastritis (rarely), dizziness, diarrhea. In general, there is a satisfactory tolerance of the drug to patients of different ages. As practice shows, the emerging adverse reactions are transitory and disappear on their own after the cessation of treatment. If there are any negative consequences not indicated in the annotation, visit the doctor.

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The drug "Fluviert". Instructions for use

In a suspended form, the drug is takeninside. For children from five years the dose of 5ml twice or thrice a day, from one year to five - 2.5ml 2-3 r / day. Adults are assigned to 15 ml two or three p / day. Granules for the preparation of the suspension are diluted in water. The preparation should be mixed thoroughly before use. A day is recommended for one sachet. Duration of therapy - from four days to six months. The exact duration of treatment is determined by a specialist. For patients with disorders of renal function and diabetes mellitus, no dose adjustment is required.

The drug "Fluviert". Instructions for use. additional information

In practice, up to the present time has not been describedcases of overdose. It is theoretically likely to increase the side effects. In case of poisoning, standard measures are carried out by means. There is no specific antidote. At appointment it is necessary to consider presence in a medicine in the form of granules of a sweetener which is contraindicated at phenylketonuria.

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