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Vibration is an oscillatory motion by means of a mechanism, the quality and efficiency of which depends on the amplitude of the oscillation and the frequency of the oscillation. Anti-cellulite program Is a local vibration with the help ofphysiological effects. In addition to anti-cellulite orientation, vibration massage also has a pronounced analgesic effect, in which oxidation-reduction processes in muscles occur, which helps to get rid of fatigue and increase efficiency. Vibration massage helps to improve the condition of the vegetative system, endocrine glands, nervous system.

When carrying out hardware massage, there are some disadvantages:

  • Some customers do not tolerate vibration,
  • The area of ​​contact with the body is limited by the size of the interacting device,
  • In case of improper contact with the skin, it is possible that the vibration transmission is uneven,
  • The device adversely affects the masseur, whose hand is constantly subjected to vibration.

The device for the anti-cellulite program is equipped with two manipulators, one of which is used to correct small deposits and lifting, the other for more significant deposits.

The procedure is carried out using pressuremovements in the form of a figure-eight, as well as circular and linear. A persistent effect must be achieved with the help of the course, although a noticeable visual effect will be already after the first application of the hardware procedure.

Hardware anti-cellulite massage is carried out in three stages:

1. At the first stage, the body prepares for intensive fat splitting. Here, cleansing and intensive peeling are possible, which speeds up the processes in the skin already at the preparation stage - it removes puffiness and removes slags.

2. The second stage is a direct effect on adipose tissue. During this process, the hips, legs, and waist volumes are significantly reduced, again slim and light. After the massage, you can use wraps that continue to stimulate the process of splitting fats.

3. The final stage prevents skin sagging, which is possible after an intensive weight loss procedure. This is a lifting-wrapping, necessary to increase the elasticity of the skin.

A great advantage of a hardware massager is that,that during the procedure the pain is not felt, in contrast to a manual massage, which is painful enough. This is a pleasant procedure, which brings only pleasure.

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