The medicine "Enterodesis". Instructions


The drug "Enterodesis" belongs to the categoryenterosorbents. The drug has the ability to bind toxins that enter the digestive system and form directly in the body, and remove them through the intestinal tract. The therapeutic effect of the drug manifests itself after fifteen to thirty minutes after application. The drug is not metabolized, not absorbed.

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The drug "Enterodesis" instruction recommends bothdetoxification agent for various pathologies. In particular, to the readings include toxic forms of infectious diseases of the digestive system in acute flow. The drug is prescribed for poisoning, salmonellosis, dysentery. The drug is recommended for patients with renal or hepatic insufficiency.

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How to breed "Enterodesis" and in what dosage to take?

The medicine is taken orally, after a meal orreception of medicines, not earlier than in 2 hours. Diluted agent in the proportion of 2.5 grams of funds for 50 ml of water (boiled, cold). To improve the taste, the addition of fruit juice or sugar is allowed. Dosage for adults - 100 ml of solution not more than three times a day. Duration of admission is from two to seven days until the symptoms of intoxication are completely eliminated. Calculation of dosage for patients from one year to 14 years is carried out according to age. The drug "Enterodesis" instruction recommends taking 0.3 g / kg / day. In this case, the total dose for children from one year to three is not more than 50 ml twice, from 4 to 6 - three times a day. For patients from 7 to 10 liters - not more than 100 ml 2 r., From 10 to 14 - three times a day.

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Side effects

The drug "Enterodesis" (instruction warns aboutthis) can provoke dermatological reactions in the form of photosensitization. Possible nausea (usually, it passes by itself). In rare cases, vomiting is likely.


The drug "Enterodesis" instruction does not allow forhypersensitivity to components. The use during pregnancy and lactation has not been studied enough, therefore, the safety of the medicament has not been established during these periods. The feasibility of therapy in these conditions is determined exclusively by a specialist.

The drug "Enterodesis". Instructions. Price. additional information

The finished solution should be stored in the refrigerator.The temperature is 4 degrees. The storage time is not more than three days. In undiluted form, the drug is suitable for two years. When taking an increased dose of medication, the intensity of side effects increases. With simultaneous reception of "Enterodesis" with other medicines, a sudden slowing of the rate or decrease in the degree of their absorption from the digestive system is likely. With the development of negative consequences on the basis of medication, it is necessary to suspend therapy and visit a doctor. Despite the over-the-counter medication leave, one should consult a specialist before taking it. The cost of the drug "Enterodesis" in pharmacies from a hundred rubles.

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