Reusable condoms: the pros and cons


British scientists, noting the Month of Sexual Development and Education, offered students of the University of Wisconsin to test their new invention - reusable condoms.

reusable condoms

These devices are made of the finestcannabis canvas and therefore do not pollute the environment. After a single use, students had the opportunity to throw it away (in the environment it completely decomposes without releasing toxic compounds, in just a few months) or returned back to the university by scientists. There, scientists thoroughly clean it using special hypoallergenic disinfectant detergents. By the way, if you do not wash the reusable condoms after use, they become crispy!

Condoms and Ecology

In addition, scientists take to recycling andordinary disposable condoms, but in a few years of work, the percentage of return of latex products was recorded extremely small. Reusable condoms are an excellent alternative to disposable environmentally unsafe condoms.

Think about how many condoms you usejust floats in rivers and seas, polluting the drinking water and the air we breathe. The average person eats about 50 pounds of meat a year, but very few people know that our cows receive food, which includes dried used condoms. So how many dried ejaculates then we eat per year ?! So scientists came to the conclusion that the best condoms are reusable.

By the way, disposable condoms only became available in 1960, and before that for more than 20 years people have washed and used these products several times.


reusable condoms reviews

So in the world market there were latexreusable condoms. They are made from the finest latex (only 0.1 nm instead of 0.6 nm), which withstands mechanical damage, friction and pressure. Such a product is calculated on average for 100 sexual acts. Comes with a special brush and disinfectant solution and even a repair kit for sealing microcracks. The cost of such a product is about 20 cu.

Rigid constructions

Another new model of reusable productsis a patch on the penis with a special relief. It lengthens the penis, prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse and prevents the risk of adenoma development, due to the fact that in the process of sexual intercourse there is a vacuum massage of the penis. The only difficulty is the individual dimensions. This condom is made individually for each man.

reusable condoms reviews

How to use a reusable condom

In principle, there is nothing complicated here. The only difference: an ordinary disposable condom has a lubricant on its surface, and reusable requires additional use of lubricants, and on both surfaces - both internal and external. You can choose the lubricant to your liking, but you should use factory tools, Vaseline, as you know, can damage the structure and make the product unusable, which, in turn, will significantly reduce the Perl index.

After sexual intercourse, remove and washcondom. This should be done immediately, since it will be problematic to wash already dried sperm. To wash it follows a special solution, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or in a specialized online store.

How to be allergic

Quite often, men complain that they havean allergy to latex and they can not use an ordinary condom, because so instantly disappears an erection. It is for this purpose that the USA began to produce hypoallergenic rubber and polyurethane reusable condoms. This is real salvation for many!

Reusable condoms: reviews and opinions

Most men do not like condoms in general- neither disposable nor reusable. This is due to the fact that, they say, they blunt sensations. And the best condoms are your own skin! So the problem of contraception completely falls on the shoulders of women. But if the contraceptive effect also has oral contraceptives, spirals and other devices, then they do not protect against venereal diseases, as well as the technology of interrupted sexual intercourse.

how to use a reusable condom

Therefore, we still arrive at the fact thata condom is simply necessary. The responses of most men suggest that there is no particular difference between a disposable and a reusable condom.

Some men complain that reusableproducts are often torn after the second-third use. But at the same time their price is much higher than their one-time counterparts. Here the only recommendation is that it is necessary to be more careful in choosing the manufacturer. Try to avoid cheap Chinese products - they, judging by the responses of men, not only are torn, but also cause allergies, itching and even tumors.

Remember that in your hands the sexual health of both yours and your partner - do not save on yourself.

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