Acne on the pope: the reasons for their appearance


pimples on the pope causes

Before treating such an unpleasant phenomenon,first you need to figure out what has contributed to their appearance. Why do pimples occur on the pope, because everyone knows that this is a very delicate part of the body? The reasons can be very different. Firstly, there are very few sebaceous glands, and from this it follows that the amount of secreted fat is very small.

A young child and a mature man havepope pimples. Causes: overdried skin, it lacks oxygen. Also it rubs against various objects, it also becomes dry, pimples appear on it. A person who spends a lot of time sitting, also faces this problem. If the skin lacks moisture, it dries, as the pores become clogged. In such cases, the appearance of a purulent pimple.

acne causes

Causes of Acne

- Disorders of digestion and the body's response to various foods. It is necessary to monitor your diet, exclude from it sweet, fatty, salty and spicy food.

- There is one more phenomenon, in which there arepimples on the pope. The reasons for this - wearing a narrow synthetic clothing. In the cold season, you should not wear nylon pantyhose and tight jeans. It is necessary to choose high-quality clothes, which is made of natural materials.

- Stressful situations and experiences. Especially it concerns girls. You do not need to keep all emotions inside yourself. Silence will affect not only the appearance, but also health.

- Wearing tight clothes, after whichyou can immediately notice pimples on the pope. The reasons, as you can see, are the simplest, but cause so much inconvenience and trouble. Of course, tight clothing creates a beautiful silhouette, but if there are pimples, it is better to abandon it. The fact that the priest can not breathe, and on the basis of this creates a beautiful soil for acne.

- Insufficient amount of vitamin D in the body. This substance can be obtained in sunbathing or when visiting the solarium. If the skin is very tender and does not tolerate sunlight, then it is better to use combination drugs.

- Poor compliance with hygiene rules. There are trips in which you have to go without water for a long time. In such cases it is better to take more napkins with you. So you can process the skin, and you will not have unpleasant and painful problems.

causes of acne

Nuances of sexual life will prompt whythere were pimples on the pope. The reasons are: its irregularity or quality. The rash may appear on other parts of the body, then the only way out is to have more sex.

The female half of the population takescontraceptives. They greatly affect the skin, improve it. However, everything is the other way round. Some drugs are not suitable for the body and there are pimples, which are difficult to get rid of. Very often, they are caused by slags that accumulate from malnutrition. For example, frequent eating of buns, chocolate, white bread, junk food and so on. All of the above remarks will prompt why there were pimples on the pope. The reasons, identified in a timely manner, will help you decide how to deal with the problem.

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