Irritation on the glans penis


The first thing that gets a "kick" from any intimaterelationships are the sex organs. In men, the most common phenomenon is irritation on the glans penis. As practice shows, some men older than 35 years are observed almost every month from a urologist or their attending physician. On the other hand, most of them are married and even have sexual relations only with their spouses (theoretically this is possible). But even they are not immune from the appearance of such trouble. And if such faithful couples have similar problems, then, consequently, it is not a matter of venereal diseases.

If you have an irritation on the head, thenthe first thing you need to know is do not panic. Doctors say that any irritation on the penis is the result of one of the phenomena: venereal disease, dermatitis, fungal disease, allergy or growing up of the body. To understand what exactly you have from the above, only a specialist can. Even if you have not yet entered into any sexual relations, it is impossible to determine on your own why the appearance of irritation is associated with unsanitary conditions or age-related changes. Therefore, if you are a young guy, do not hesitate to go to highly specialized doctors. This is absolutely not terrible, and most analyzes can be safely endured.

Agree this is much easier than in 35 yearsclean the urethra or carry out a painful operation. But this is already from the section, when irritation on the head of the penis is the result of fungal or venereal diseases. Returning to the development of the body in young men, it should be noted that they sometimes have an irritation on the head of the penis. This is the result of puberty, in particular - the development of glands on the penis. Approximately the same symptoms occur in allergic reactions of the young organism. Itching, peeling, shroud, pimples, pimples, smell, etc. Once again I repeat - it is not necessarily something terrible and terrible.

Of course, it's all the more sad, if the irritation athead - it's venereal and fungal diseases. A possible cause of irritation is unprotected sex in unsanitary conditions. Dirty hands with petteng, colds with oral sex, unprotected anal sex or even vaginal sex without a condom with a regular partner after critical days - all this can cause irritation. And this is still far from a complete list of possible conditions for the occurrence of various kinds of discomfort.

If you notice irritation on the head,it is better to consult a doctor sooner. Quite often the examination by a specialist and the answers to his questions give grounds for the assignment of certain analyzes. But be vigilant, normal specialists are worth their weight in gold. Therefore, the esculapus and his opinion that you come across are not a cause for trust. It is recommended to undergo examination at least in two different places, without saying this to the doctors themselves. Those. so that they do not question you about the results of the previous survey. If you have the same results in both places, then the probability of truth is already 99.9%.

As a rule, after a pair of such comparativeOne specialist can be selected and observed in surveys. Ordinary analyzes to determine a possible problem - a blood test (from a vein) to a hungry stomach and a smear from the canal (a little painful). Just note that if you get a good specialist, then the procedure for taking a smear will be virtually painless and will pass without consequences. Agree that having an irritation on the head and passing the tests, I absolutely would not want to get a difficult urination. And it is possible because of pain when touching urine about the wound inside the canal.

The most basic idea: irritation on the head is not the end of the world. Go to the doctor and calmly find out. A couple of tests and a little excitement - perhaps the only thing that you have to go through. In any case, the earlier you learn about the problem, the faster you will be healthy. So do not be afraid and be prepared for anything.

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