Rash on the penis can be safe


The skin of the male genital organs is thin andvulnerable. During the puberty, the sebaceous glands are activated in the head region and under the bridle. Sebaceous glands enlarge and look like a white rash on the penis. Such manifestations do not require therapeutic intervention. Preventative measures are reduced to regular hygiene procedures to exclude infection. If you neglect the purity, the rash may acquire pustular character, requiring treatment in the dermatovenerologist.

Rash on the glans penis as a symptom of syphilis

First, a sore appears on the genitals, whichdoes not attract attention to himself neither with pain, nor with itching, nor with burning. It chancre, he can painlessly be present on the organ for several weeks, without attracting the attention of a sick person. This is how the first stage of the venereal disease manifests itself.

The second stage begins after 1 or 2, or 3month. During this time, pathogenic bacteria actively multiply in the body. Eventually a pink rash appears on the penis and throughout the body. After a while, the rash is transformed into pimples and boils. In the perineum, specific cones are observed. A distinctive feature of the symptoms of syphilis is that the formations do not hurt and are almost not itchy.

Rashes on the head as a symptom of balanoposthitis

Complaints of patients on rashes in the form of redpoints, small spots directly on the surface of the glans penis often indicates a diagnosis of "Balanoposthitis", that is, inflammation of the glans penis and the foreskin. The disease is transmitted through sexual contact. In rare cases, balanoposthitis begins as an allergic reaction.

Rash on the penis as a symptom of papillomavirus infection

After infection of the body, venereal wartsmanifest themselves far from immediately. In the initial stage, microscopic spots are noticed. In the course of the development of the disease, the spots grow and become warts. Warts can so tightly cover the skin of the penis, that outwardly it will resemble a cauliflower. The outgrowths extend to the trunk, to the entrance to the urethra. Observation of secretions, burning with urination or evacuation of stool.

Most often a man as a carrier of the papilloma virusdoes not have information about his status as a carrier, because the infection behaves asymptomatically for the time being. Treatment will be successful only if both partners are treated.

Rash on the penis as a symptom of thrush

Infection occurs when immunity is weakened andthere is a presence in the blood of the herpes virus. Symptoms of candidiasis in men are manifested by a red rash in the form of spots on the head of the penis, there are discharge of the consistency of cottage cheese. In addition, a man feels itching and burning, discomfort and pain when urinating. There are problems in sexual satisfaction. Even worse, if a man becomes an asymptomatic carrier of infection. All the time, the fungus undermines the male reproductive system, and the man does not suspect about impending problems.

Irritation by hygienic means

In some cases, sensitivity developsto some components of hygienic or cosmetic products. Soap, gel, intimate shampoo or cream cause rashes on the head with redness. There is a sweeping of the genitals. In some individuals, irritation causes latex, from which condoms are made.

Physicians refer to the variants of the norm some rashes and discharges:

- smegma - allocation of sebaceous glands located in the zone of the foreskin;

- enlarged glands - "pearl ring" around the head of light nodules. Nodules are absolutely painless and do not cause the slightest inconvenience;

- Cysts of sebaceous glands frighten patients only by a complex name. This is not considered a disease, but only a cosmetic defect of the penis.

In any of the above cases it is recommended to consult a specialist for advice.

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