Treatment of strabismus in adults: basic methods and principles


Strabismus in adults, as a rule, beginsdevelop at a fairly early age, but only later it can be noticed because of paralysis of the ocular musculature. It can be caused by a malfunction in the thyroid gland, as well as due to diabetes, cataracts, increased blood pressure and retinal diseases. In how to treat strabismus, an ophthalmologist can help you to understand only after a careful examination of the patient and studying the characteristics of his body.

When adults observe the acquiredstrabismus, which occurs, for example, as a result of trauma, often a bifurcated image appears in parallel, which indicates that the ability to adapt to the brain of an adult has limitations. As a rule, strabismus in adults is treated only after they establish the factors that caused its appearance, the degree of deviation, take into account the age of the patient, as well as general physical and psychological characteristics. The fact is that you need to correct vision as soon as possible. The mowing eye practically does not fulfill its functions, i.e. only one eye participates in the vision process. The eye, which is deflected to the side, eventually loses its acuity of perception. Then amblyopia begins to develop (weakening of vision).

Treatment of strabismus in adults can be carried out in two keys: therapeutic and surgical. The methods can be:

  1. Pleoptic treatment is an increase in the load of the eyes that mows. This involves the use of stimulation techniques, which are carried out with the help of a therapeutic laser and medical computer programs.
  2. Orthoptic treatment of strabismus in adults implies the use of a synoptic apparatus and computer programs that are aimed at restoring the binocular functioning of the eyes.
  3. Diplomatic method is characterized by the restoration of synoptic and binocular vision in a natural environment.
  4. Training procedures on the convergent trainer: the author's technique, which is aimed at improving the work of muscles through feedback. This method is considered very effective.

Remember that the treatment of strabismus in adultsand in children is a mandatory procedure, which must be started as soon as possible. The fact is that many people mistakenly believe that this pathology passes by itself. Strabism is not only not eliminated on its own, but, in the absence of adequate treatment, can cause a number of serious complications.

As a rule, the treatment of strabismus in adults is more ofteneverything is done through an operative intervention. He is appointed by the doctor, based on the patient's personal desire. The choice of the method of such treatment depends on the state of the oculomotor apparatus, as well as the angle of deviation.

To date, only those operations are performed, after which the connection of muscles and the eyeball is preserved, because such surgical interventions can be carried out "dosed".

To weaken the muscle, it is pushed back,incomplete dissection and elongation. Then resection of the musculo-tendon site and forward movement is carried out in order to enhance and shorten it. The success of such operations is 90%. Repetition of this treatment, as a rule, is extremely rare.

If the patient has an alternativestrabismus, single-stage operations are performed on the muscles of the eyes. Sometimes there are combined types of surgical intervention, in which one muscle is strengthened and at the same time the second is shortened on one eye, then the same is done on the second one.

Remember that the treatment is carried out only after a full examination.

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