Mucus in children's feces: causes of appearance and methods of elimination


According to experts, problems with a chair havechildren, as a rule, start from the moment of their birth. At the first changes the parents literally begin to sound the alarm. The most common mucus in the feces of children. What does it signal? How correctly to treat it? We will talk about this in detail in this article.

mucus in the feces of children
What does the mucus in the stool show in children?

If this problem is rare(about once a month), then there is no point in worrying. On the other hand, if almost every bowel movement is accompanied by mucus, which has a very unpleasant smell, has bloody spots, it's time to visit the doctor. The thing is that, most likely, there is a serious problem.

Main reasons

  • First of all, the cause can be covered in the breastmilk of mother. She, in turn, without fail must check it for sterility. So, if the tests confirm the fact that the problem lies in it, you will have to switch to artificial feeding.
  • On the other hand, mucus in the feces of children canarise and as a result of the mother's nutrition. Such a change in bowel movements may be observed as an allergic reaction to certain foods. As a rule, it is recommended that mothers take MAST tests in such situations.
    mucus in the feces of an infant
  • Mucus in the feces of children may also appear due todiseases of the intestine. That is why, if this symptom is found, you should immediately seek advice from a specialist who already checks the intestinal flora and makes a final diagnosis.
  • Only in exceptional cases mucus in fecesAn infant is seen as a result of taking certain medications. However, as a rule, specialists warn about possible side reactions before prescribing this or that remedy.


Therapy can only be prescribedqualified specialist. First of all, we need to find out the root cause of this kind of problem. Only after this and can be recommended competent therapy. In no case should not be delayed with a visit to the doctor, so the disease will only worsen. In addition, you also do not need to engage in self-medication. For example, white mucus in the feces of a child will not always signal problems with digestion, but, on the contrary, will indicate an incorrect nutrition of the mother. As a result of unskilled therapy, the baby himself may suffer.

white mucus in the feces of a child


So, in this article we have considered questions aboutWhy does mucus appear in the feces of children and how to fight it. Of course, only the main reasons for this kind of problem are listed here. Moreover, in each case the treatment is selected individually, depending on the factor that caused it. We hope that the information offered will actually help young parents. However, in any case, it is better to consult once again with the attending, undoubtedly qualified physician. Be healthy!

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