Neck Exposure, or Causes of Phimosis


The state where it is impossible to make an outcrophead of the penis, doctors call phimosis. This situation can be both congenital, and bear the acquired character. It is important to start tracking its development immediately after the birth of the baby.

Extreme flesh in infants quite ofteninactive (it is tight and tightly attached to the surface of the penis). According to different authors, from 40 to 90% of all newborn boys have congenital physiological phimosis. Normally, this condition should disappear within the first 12 months of life, although sometimes it remains until adolescence.

As the body develops, the skin between the headpenis and the foreskin coarsens (doctors call this process "cornification of the epithelium"), which allows you to perform a natural exposure of the head. A fundamentally different situation occurs when phimosis is acquired. Due to non-observance of personal hygiene (including in children and even newborns) or sexual infection, the inflammation of the foreskin develops (the so-called balanoposthitis), leading to its gluing and constriction. Phimosis can also cause injury or systemic connective tissue diseases.

exposure of the head


If there is phimosis, the symptoms of it will be quiteunambiguous: it is impossible to perform the exposure of the head, there is straining when urinating, urine is excreted by a thin, weak stream or drops. With the development of inflammation there will be pain and itching in the foreskin and penis head, the body temperature and the inguinal lymph nodes may increase. And in neglected situations there will also be a selection of pus.


Dangerous situations

It is important for parents to understand that congenital phimosis incombined with impaired personal hygiene can quickly lead to inflammation, and then turn into an acquired, permanent form. This situation - the way to violations in the genital area (up to infertility) and the source of constant infection of the bladder and kidneys. Since ancient times, in order to prevent this condition in boys, circumcision was performed. Complication of phimosis is paraphimosis, or head injury. In children, this is rare, since this unpleasant situation develops during sexual intercourse. Narrowed flesh, like a hammer, pulls the penis, causing circulatory disorders. Like any ischemia, paraphimosis can have very deplorable consequences. To eliminate it, you should immediately consult a doctor.

phimosis symptoms

What to do and how to treat

First - to observe hygiene, to teach the boyto cleanliness from the youngest age. Secondly - to monitor the situation, during the bath, gently, without violence, to carry out the exposure of the head, not necessarily completely. Do not allow inflammation, and if it appeared, you can make special baths, and it is better to consult a pediatrician. In a hospital, phimosis is eliminated either with the help of a special procedure (under anesthesia the head is taken out of the prepuce and a special antiseptic treatment is performed) or surgically.

If there are violations of urination,purulent discharge or paraphimosis, immediately consult a doctor. Remember that any doubts about the health of your child - this is also an excuse for medical advice, do not be afraid to be reinsured.

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