Nutrikompleks for hair and nails from Oriflame: composition, manual, reviews


An important component for the elegant image of the covetedwomen are beautiful, healthy hair and nails. Sometimes you try hard to look after them, but there are undesirable manifestations: the nails are loose, the hair breaks and falls out. If the body does not give them the necessary substances, no care can cope with this problem. In this case, we suggest using the Oriflame nutrient set from the "Wellness" series. This nanoproduct will accurately provide your body with the right vitamins. This complex is intended for representatives of a weak and strong half of the population. For those who follow the changes in the fashion industry. For those who are ready for experiments.

Nutrikompleks for hair and nails oriflame

Active support for the beauty of strands and hands

For healthy locks and marigolds you need a specialprotein - keratin, which is formed under the influence of amino acids, vitamin C, iron. Millions of people suffer from a deficiency of these substances, so they have problems with the health of hair and hands. How to be, if the hair is thinner, drop out, the nails break down? Most often such phenomena occur in the autumn period, when immunity decreases and various diseases become aggravated. The cosmetic market was replenished with a new product from Oriflame, a nutrient complex for hair and nails. It is a perfect helper for solving the listed problems.

If you wash your hair every day, blow dry,use aggressive means for styling, varnishes of chemical composition, this produt - just for you. Your hair will again become lush and dense, filled with strength and silky shine, and your nails - healthy. The firm "Oriflame" directed the development action to the solution of three main problems: hair loss, excessive brittleness and dull appearance, exfoliation of nails. Pay attention to this novelty, it will help you regain your natural beauty and improve your health.

Additional drug actions

Who needs these vitamins and minerals? In addition to the fact that the complex will bring in the right kind of curls and nails, it will help to solve the following problems:

  • the issue of iron deficiency and excessive sugar in the body;
  • difficulties in the hormonal sphere;
  • postpartum conditions and the period of breastfeeding;
  • undesirable manifestations during menopause and impotence;
  • speed dial or weight loss;
  • lack of necessary substances for bones, tendons and ligaments;
  • difficulty in the work of the heart and blood vessels;
  • interruptions in the work of the immune system, stomach and intestines;
  • getting rid of bad habits and switching to proper nutrition;
  • poor memory, hearing, frequent headaches and dizziness;
  • difficult working conditions, constant stresses, poor climatic conditions.
    nutricomplex for hair and nails oriflame reviews

Main Components

What is a nutracexture for the hair?and nails "Oriflame"? The composition of the drug contains active components that effectively help women and men. The most important ingredient is the amino acid L-lysine, which slows down the hair loss, and prolongs the cycle of its life.

Further on importance there is one more amino acidL-cysteine, which is responsible for the strength of hairs and marigolds. As an antioxidant, protyanidines of the green apple protrude, making the thick hair and nails strong. The level of hemoglobin in the blood contributes to the growth of healthy strands and nails, so the complex includes iron. To make it better absorbed by the body, the drug is saturated with vitamin C. It should be reminded readers that the nutraceutical complex for hair and nails "Oriflame" (code in the catalog - 28507) includes only natural ingredients.

nutricomplex for hair and nails oriflame composition

Instruction for the nutracexture for hair and nails "Oriflame"

Further. This complex product from "Oriflame" is not a medicinal product. It is an ensemble of vitamins for health and beauty. If you do not know if you need to start taking a nutritional complex, try to give a hint. Normally, hair loss in the amount of 50-60 pieces per day is considered. In winter, this figure can increase to 100. If your indicators exceed the figure, then start taking vitamins immediately.

Why do not other drugs work, andDoes the nutritional complex produce an effective result? This biologically active additive is available in the form of tablets. With their reception, the body decides where to send the necessary vitamins and minerals. The use of this supplement means long-term use. If you order several packages at once, the company provides one as a gift. Sometimes the effect is noticeable after the receipt of the first batch of the product.

nutricomplex for hair and nails oriflame instructions

Test results

More than 100 women participated in the testinga wellness complex from the "Wellness" series. More than 80% of participants shared their results. The test was conducted in three stages using the "Oriflame" products:

  1. The use of shampoo for hair growth, mousse and tonic to strengthen the strands.
  2. The use of balms for the restoration of nails, their growth, protection.
  3. Regular intake of Oriflame for 3 months.

What were the results of this experiment? Efficient strengthening of nails and improvement of their appearance was noted by 79% of the tested people. A useful action of the three-stage program was provided by 76% of the participants. A noticeable stop of hair loss and improvement in the general condition of the body was noticed by 68% of the tested.

What is the nutritional base for?

In addition to solving problems with hair and nails,the additive from Oriflame also solves other problems. Diabetics use it to protect blood vessels from the effects of sugar. This is promoted by the procyanides present in the product of young green apples. Young mothers after childbirth can make up for iron deficiency. The complex is suitable for elderly people, students, employees of the mental sphere, because it enhances blood circulation in the brain. Those who wish to purify the body of toxins, alcohol and tobacco residues, can easily take up the reception of the nutritional complex. Prolonged intake of the drug improves hearing, memory, eliminates headaches.

Nutrikompleks for hair and nails 28507 oriflame

Method of application and price of the product

To achieve a visible result, recommendtake the tablet for at least three months. Daily it is necessary to drink two tablets while eating. If you want to achieve a better result, it is advisable to repeat the course of treatment in three weeks. Those people who suffer from alopecia, use vitamins constantly. Simultaneously with the Oriflame Nutrikomplex for hair and nails (28507 - product code), it is recommended to take other products from the Wellness series. It should be noted that this product has no side effects and is absolutely safe.

What is the cost of a miracle drug? Conventional Oriflame customers can purchase it for $ 27, consultants buy the facility for $ 21.

nutricomplex for hair and nails oriflame code

Reviews about the nutritional complex for hair and nails "Oriflame"

Many users sing laudatory odes of bioadditivefrom Oriflame for hair and nails. Clients say that after the first package is taken notice significant changes. Hair becomes thick and strong, from them it breathes health and beauty. Some customers turned to the product after the stresses, and he helped them to generally strengthen the state of the body: excitement left, assembleness appeared, brain activity improved.

Women note that the hair has become shiny, andnails - smooth and without white spots. Such changes are even noticed by hairdressers. We conclude that the nutricomplex from Oriflame is a complete alternative to beauty salons. Do you want to be energetic and beautiful? Go to the site Oriflame and order boldly nutrikompleks for hair and nails!

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