Red corpuscles appeared on the body: what is it?


Red moles can appear in humans inany age, but most often they occur in children and adolescents. In medicine, these neoplasms are called angiomas. They are benign tumors that develop from lymphatic or blood vessels.

Why red moles appear on the bodythe person? The cause has not yet been established. It is only known that they can be located in different layers of our skin, and this, in essence, depends on their appearance.

red moles what is it

Capillary red moles - what is it?

The most common are capillary angiomas.They represent a slightly rising above the skin of the new formation, which is surrounded by usually noticeable small arms with the naked eye. Outwardly it resembles a spider web. Therefore, these data are called moles: "arachnids", or "star", angiomas. In the absence of visible capillaries, they are characterized as pointlike.

Most often, angiomas are located on the face andtrunk. It has been observed that similar formations occur in people with impaired pancreatic or liver function, during pregnancy and with increased production of the hormone estrogen.

Cavernous hemangioma

If the body is located close to each otherfilled with blood cavities - large red moles - what is it? Such a neoplasm is called cavernous hemangioma, or cavernous. It has a cyanotic or purple hue, and with a deep arrangement, there may be skin color.

there was a red mole

Such formations are much less common,than capillary and, as a rule, are a single entity. If several similar angiomas are found on the body, this is often a signal that there are tumors in the internal organs.

Other varieties of angiomas

In addition to these, flat,pineal, knotty, branching types of these tumors, as well as a disease called hemangiomatosis. It is characterized by a large area of ​​the affected area along the bloodstream, for example, the entire length of the arm or leg.

By the way, all these neoplasms have a commonattribute. And if you have a red mole, check it: a typical angioma will go pale when pressed, but if you release your finger, it regains its color.

Are the danger of red moles?

What this disease can mean to a person,for certain it is not known. Physicians prefer to refer such birthmarks to safe neoplasms. Obviously, because angiomas disappear on their own and, as a rule, do not cause any special discomfort.

But nevertheless it is worth to observe the appearance of a birthmark, and when itching, irritation, painful sensations or noticeable growth of the neoplasm always consult a specialist.

why red moles

Do I need to remove red moles?

That this disease is dangerous, only doctors can judge. Therefore, it is better not to touch angioma, but to consult a specialist.

If the mole has increased or spoils the appearance,then the services of patients - different methods of removing red moles. This is the coagulation of vessels, cryogenic or laser surgery, sclerosis of the vascular bed, etc. Sometimes hormone drugs may be prescribed for treatment.

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