"Durex": massage gel 2 in 1 - innovation in the world of intimate lubricants


It's no secret that the quality of sexualrelationship is directly related to comfort. There are cases when natural lubrication is not enough, and then sex leads to the appearance of painful sensations, irritations and micro-injuries. As a result, harmony in the intimate sphere is broken between partners. The couple experiences stress and loses sexual interest to each other. In addition, many on this soil, there are complexes. To cope with the situation and get real pleasure in bed will help intimate lubrication. Among a huge assortment of such tools, many users appreciated the "Durex Play" (massage gel 2 in 1).

Durex massage gel 2 in 1

Features and specifications

First of all, it should be noted that the funds forlubricants firm "Dyureks" approved by sexopathologists and have no contraindications to use. The manufacturer has gained a good reputation and holds leading positions in the field of intimate goods. A distinctive feature of the massage gel 2 in 1 is its double action. That is, the agent can be used both as a lubricant and for carrying out a massage.

The massage gel offered by "Durex" companyin 1 it is made on a water basis. Due to this composition it is more versatile, because it is suitable for use with condoms and vibrators. Water base, in contrast to oil based lubricants, does not destroy the structure of latex.

The advantage of an intimate gel is that,that it dissolves in water and is easily washed off. In addition, the massage gel 2 in 1 produced by Durex does not leave stains on clothes and underwear, does not roll down and does not create a sticky sensation on the skin.

Lubrication is hypoallergenic and preserves the natural pH of the vagina.

It has a rather thick consistency, it is easily distributed and perfectly glides, which differs from lubricants without a massage purpose.

The bottle of 200 ml has enoughThe original form and provides a comfortable application of the product. In order to use the lubricant, just open the lid, lightly press and apply on intimate areas and the body.

Store preferably in a cool dry place, protected from sunlight. The shelf life of the gel is 24 months, but it is not recommended to use an open package for more than three months.

Durex massage gel 2 in 1 user guide

"Durex": massage gel 2 in 1. Types

The manufacturer has released a whole series of products for intimate lubrication and massage. On sale you can find 3 of their varieties.

- Gel-massage 2 in 1 Aloe Vera. A gentle and delicate remedy contains aloe vera extract, thanks to which it perfectly moisturizes and protects the skin, eliminating uncomfortable sensations during intimacy.

- Gel-massage 2 in 1 Sensual.It is distinguished by the presence in the composition of a natural aphrodisiac - ylang-ylang, whose native land is the tropical forests of the islands of the Pacific Ocean. The product has a soft and silky texture, as well as a charming, delicate and fragrant aroma that can awaken a strong desire.

- Gel-massage 2 in 1 Stimulatin.Contains extract of guarana, known for its stimulating properties, and has a delicate aroma, which has an exciting effect. It gives an opportunity to plunge into the world of subtle and sensual pleasures.

Durex massage gel 2 in 1 review

Terms of Use

Numerous consumer reviews indicate the ease of using an intimate gel. However, doctors-sex therapists recommend to adhere to certain rules.

Firstly, after purchasing the product, it is recommended that you carefully read the instruction, having studied the composition and features of the application.

Secondly, the massage gel 2 in 1 produced by Durex company should be applied to intimate zones directly during sex.

Thirdly, after contact, the remnants of the product must be washed off with warm water.

It is also important to take into account some points thatcan conceal the massage gel offered by the Durex brand 2 in 1. The instruction for its use states that when using the product, avoid contact with the eyes. When irritations and allergic reactions occur, the use of lubricant must be discontinued.

Durex massage gel 2 in 1 species


In general, the "Durex" massage firmGel 2 in 1 deserved a high rating among buyers, especially if it is used for the main purpose, that is to improve the quality of intimate life. Here, with the task entrusted, the gel-grease copes with cheers. It does not cause burning and irritation, it perfectly moisturizes and has a pleasant unobtrusive aroma.

But as a massage the proposedthe company "Durex" massage gel 2 in 1 reviews is not the best. Discontent is mainly due to the fact that this product is not quite economical, because it is quickly absorbed into the skin and it often has to be refilled. In addition, with a thorough massage, many complain about the formation of pellets.

Anyway, the gel-lubricant "Durex Play" 2 in 1 is notwill make you disappoint. It will help to experience the unforgettable pleasure of sexual relations and make them start playing with new bright colors. Carry out experiments with different smells until you find the most suitable option.

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