If the analysis shows mucus in the urine, what does it mean?


Many patients who receive test resultsurine, you had to hear: "Take the analysis again, thoroughly wash yourself. Mucus in the urine. " What does it mean? Is mucus in the urine an indicator that only talks about problems with cleanliness? And you need not take offense, and wash and take aanalysis again?

Where does the mucus come from?

It is very rare to find an analysis, the results of which will not show mucus

mucus in urine what does it mean
in the urine. What does it mean? Widespread neglect of hygiene rules?

Not at all. Mucus is not dirt.It is an epithelial tissue that is constantly slouched in the genito-urinary organs from the outside and from the inside of the ureters and urethra. Accordingly, urine, passing through the ureter, some amount of epithelial tissue flushes, and she gets into the container. It is impossible to avoid this.

If the analysis is incorrectly collected, all the mucus enters the container. In addition, a lot of mucus is allocated, if before the delivery of the analysis "endure".

If the result showed that the mucus in urine is increased, it is desirable to collect the urine repeatedly.

How correctly to collect urine for tests?

  • Be sure to thoroughly wash, rinsing the sexorgans. Usually men think that they just need to rinse. This is not true. Men need to lift the flesh on the organ and remove the remnants of smegma.
  • You need to make sure the dishes are clean. If it is a jar of mayonnaise or juice, then it should be thoroughly washed from the original product. It is advisable to purchase a special container for analysis.
  • The first portion of urine is drained past the container. A lot of mucus in the urine is it. The same is done with the last portion. Drain a few drops.
  • Then urine is collected into a container, without touching the body, to avoid sweat, fat and epithelium entering it.

The most reliable urine test is the one that is done within 2 hours after

 increased mucus in the urine

If you want to pass a 24-hour urine test, then1.5, and even more collected litters of urine to carry in the laboratory is not necessary. Collecting urine for a day, shake the container well, mixing portions, merge 200 g and already this dose is brought to the laboratory.

What does mucus in the urine say?

The analysis was re-submitted, but again the mucus in the urine? What does it mean?

Such an analysis indicates inflammatorydiseases of organs in the pelvis. It can be kidney disease: pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, glomerulonephritis, renal pelvis damage and so on.

 a large amount of mucus in the urine
A lot of mucus happens in the urine of pregnant women. The amount of mucus increases if an allergic reaction occurs, or during inflammation of the bladder - cystitis and urethra - of urethritis.

In women, the amount of mucus increases duringgynecological diseases, functional and associated with pathogenic flora. In men, an analysis with a lot of mucus may indicate a change in the prostate condition.

Can a child have mucus in the urine? What does it mean? The causes of mucus in the urine of a child are the same as those of an adult. Violation of urine collection technology or disease.

Of course, one mucus in the analysis can not be said about the presence of inflammation. You can safely say about the health problems, if there are a lot of leukocytes in the analysis, and even red blood cells are found against this background.

If the white blood cells are normal, and there are many mucus, most likely, the analysis needs to be retaken.

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